Kings Island Experience (College Student’s P.O.V)


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6 years ago, Kings Island was the high school hang out for summer.  As a native Northern Kentuckian, it was a must to get the coveted gold pass.  However, as each year passed the craze to go to Kings Island died down and I ended up not going all together.  Last weekend I broke my 5-year streak of not going to Kings Island and it wasn’t quite as I remembered it from my younger days.

It’s expensive:

In all my years of experience at Kings Island I had always used my gold pass which I received as part of a Christmas gift every year.  That being said, I never paid for a singular ticket or paid attention to ticket prices.  During my visit, I purchased a ticket with no discount and it was $67.  As a broke college student, I was not pleased.

The Lines are long:

I’m assuming when…

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