The Saga of Balloon Boy

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It’s almost been 10 years since we all sat glued to our television sets watching the saga unfold of the legendary Balloon Boy. If you don’t remember, in 2009, a big balloon was set free, and Richard and Mayumi Heene told authorities and news outlets that their son was inside the balloon.

The media took off running with it, and created a half day’s worth of drama, complete even with a climactic chase and reveal of the balloon in a field with no child in sight.

Apparently, this attention grab was just the jumping off point for the family in their mildly annoying quest for fame. A USA Today piece checked in on our little hero in 2014, 5 years after the balloon incident.

Somehow not disheartened by the criminal charges from the earlier situation, the Heene family announced what they called “the world’s youngest metal band,” sure to…

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