Visit the Bourbon State

Taylors Take

Whether you’re from Kentucky or not, I’m sure you’ve heard how nice the bourbon tastes there. Having more than 10 distilleries, all of them offer tours (with tastings of course)… why else would you want to go!? Many people go on the “Kentucky Bourbon Trail” which takes you on a stumbly adventure to 10 of the best bourbon distilleries, which are: Evan Williams, Bulliet Frontier, Wild Turkey, Four Roses, Town Branch, Woodford Reserve, Jim Beam, Makers Mark, Angels Envy, and Heaven Hill. But beware….you may be falling over half way through the trail, because after all, this IS the bourbon state. You may want to take a few water breaks..

Yes, all of these distilleries are wonderful, but I have to say that my absolute favorite is Woodford Reserve. Why? Well, I live in Woodford County and am about a 10 minute drive away from the distillery. Surrounded by the greenest grass and horse…

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