5 MUST TRY Doughnut Shops in Louisville

  1. Hi-Five Doughnuts

    Hands down the best place for some doughy sugar goodness.  Theres a reason it made number 1 on this list. Customers can build their own  doughnut creations with a number of different glazes and toppings. If building your own doughnut isn’t your forte you can also choose one of the many staples that they have become known for such as their Kentucky Fried Buttermilk Chicken Doughnut, the Bourbon Caramel with Bacon, or their “Sugah Doughnut”.

  2. Nords Bakery

    Home to the famous maple bacon doughnut and yes there is a full strip of bacon on this bad boy. Super close to the University of Louisville so definitely a huge hit for all those college kids ballin’ on a budget.

  3. Plehn’s Bakery

    Although their name is Plehn’s there is nothing plain about it! You can’t go wrong with the pretzel, cinnamon twist, or coconut…

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