The Very Basics of Skateboarding: Rolling and Regular Stances

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Skateboards are scary, especially if you’ve never ridden one; but most of the problems people have with learning how to ride are entirely mental. Here are a few tips to help you learn and get your confidence up on a skateboard.

The Most Dangerous Speed  at Which to Ride a Skateboard

You’d think fast speeds are the biggest problem for beginners, but you’d be wrong. When the board is standing still, it can be very hard for a new skater to keep their balance. Because you’re not moving, you haven’t established a forward direction, so however you distribute your weight will affect how you roll on the ground. I find that the easiest way to build confidence on the board is just to take a slow step with your pushing foot and start slowly rolling. With a little practice, you’ll be bombing hills in no time.

Pushing and Stances

No matter…

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