Kanye West Summer JamFest Day 3

Conzi Scheme

By Conner Farrell– 

Our Summer JamFest reaches its end by recapping my favorite song from the first three albums in the Yeezy discography.

Champion (Graduation 2007) 

The second song from the Grammy winning album showcases Kanye’s always prevalent braggadocios attitude about himself. Sampling Steely Dan’s “Kid Charlemagne”, this piece serves as a musical victory lap for West who details his journey to the top and becoming a champion. West answers the question posed from the sample in the chorus of the song: “Did you realize that you were a champion in their eyes?”, “Yes, I did”, West answers in typical fashion.

Touch the Sky (Late Registration 2005)

Sampling Curtis Mayfield’s “Move on up” this up-beat piece was the first Kanye song I had ever heard and it made me join the bandwagon immediately. Detailing his life and how at one point he was so poor he and his…

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