Make Up Tutorials Don’t Work for Everyone


Ever since I started using make-up I’ve never been great at it.  I’d tried the new trends from lip gloss, to bright eye shadows, and even contouring and it all turned out average at best.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t look like a little girl that went through her mom’s make up.  I just sadly can’t perfect my face like Kylie Jenner after an hour of trying to do so in front of a mirror.

Image result for Kylie Jenner eye makeup

I shared this problem with one of my friends who happened to be a connoisseur of make-up.  She suggested that to improve my make-up abilities I should watch some YouTube tutorials.  She made it sound so simple that I believed watching a few 5 minute videos about applying lipstick and mascara would actually improve how my face looked.  I was mistaken…

First off, don’t even attempt to mimic these YouTube gurus unless you have…

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