What’s Next for the Nintendo Switch?

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Nintendo’s newest console has been out for about a month and a half now, and people still haven’t made up their minds. On one hand, the new device offers power and portability previously unseen coming from Nintendo; but on the other, a weak release day lineup hints that maybe there could have been some better planning.switch

At launch, the console had 12 games available to play, only 3 of which were produced by mainstream studios. Despite this, game stores across the world were selling out of them. I was lucky enough to get my hands on one for $300, but I’ve heard of people paying $700 for the Switch, even a month after its release. This high demand is something that the Switch’s precursor, the Wii U did not bring with it.

So where is the appeal? The console is slick, I mean, really slick. While it’s insanely accessory-based, the…

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