Dorm Life: The 1st Way to College Success

Digital Journalism

Everyone has that debate as to whether they should live in a dorm, apartment, or just stay at home when they enter college. Let me make the choice easy for you. D-O-R-M life is the way to go.

Living at home only presents you with a commuting status as a freshman. This limits you to meeting new people on campus, living situations, or even at events held on campus.

Living in an apartment as a freshman forces you to growing up wayyyyy to fast. You are being pushed into this grown-up environment where it’s harder to get away with messing up.

Experiencing the dorm way of living, you get to not only share a space with a friend or stranger, but you have your own community inside one building. Just walk down the hall or a flight up the stairs and you are with your new/old friends!

You may be the…

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