Skateboarding Tricks: The Ollie

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The ollie is the most basic skateboarding trick you can learn, and it’s by far the most useful. Ollieing (yes that’s how it’s spelled) can get you over curbs and gaps, but it’s also the foundation for every trick you’ll learn after it. So practice, practice, practice your ollies, and you’ll see improvement in your skating as a whole. This will probably be the first trick you learn, so take note on the 3 major variables when doing tricks: foot placement, pop, and flick.

Foot Placement: Naturally, the easiest way to do an ollie is in regular position, so that’s how I’ll describe it. First, square up your shoulders. They should be parallel with the direction you’re moving. When you place your feet, both should be perpendicular to the line you’re riding on. Your back foot (right foot if you’re regular, left if you’re goofy) should be on the tail…

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