Tie Dye Inspiration

The options of tie dye designs are endless, but behind every masterpiece of artwork comes some type of inspiration. Here are some tie dye designs for you to try out today!

  1. Spiral Pattern

    Spiral Pattern is the OG design of tie dye, and nonetheless will never go out of style. With all the different color combinations out there today every shirt is going to look original.

  2. Ocean Swirls

    If you are a fan of waves and the ocean, this tie dye design is for you!

  3. Sunburst

    This design allows for 2 to 3 colors and really adds some funk and fun to what was a basic white tee.

  4. Heart Tie Dye

    A heart design could make for a perfect gift to someone you love, or even a gift to your mom on mothers day or just a cute tee or tapestry. It’s a little bit more of…

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