Skateboarding Tricks: The Shove-It

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If you’re still working on your ollie, you might be relieved to hear that there are a few tricks you can actually learn before you’ve mastered it. The shove-it (or shove) happens when the board rotates 180 degrees under your feet. This basic trick is a building block for variations like varial flips and ollie 180s, and it’s the precursor to the much more impressive 360 shove-it, and the 360 flip.

Stance Disclaimer: Doing a shove from regular position takes a lot of back leg power. For this reason, new skaters often find it easier to learn shove-its in a position on the nose (fakie or nollie). Be sure to try it in all the positions to find what works best for you.

Which Way Should the Board Spin?: Before you even set up your feet, you’re gonna want to visualize the trick. Since this article is for beginners, I’m…

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