The Meaning Behind A Rose


“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet…” (Shakespeare) In general, roses are historically known to be associated with romance.  While I’m always a sucker for being gifted any type of flower, roses are particularly well-known and the different types of roses convey different meanings associated with them.

Image result for different color rosesFirst and Most Popular, The Red Rose:

Like stated earlier the red rose is classically associated with romance and love.  They are a great gift for an anniversary with your significant other and a perfect way to show your affection towards a certain individual.

Image result for red rosesYellow Rose:

The yellow rose is a perfect gift to give to your best friend, a niece, or daughter. Yellow roses symbolize friendship and joy and are meant to induce happiness to whomever receives this lovely flower.

Image result for yellow rosesPink Rose:

Pink roses are sophisticated.  They also symbolize gracefulness.  Pink roses are often given to ballerinas after a…

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