Working at Phone-a-thon


Since September of last year, I have been working at the University of Louisville Phone-a-thon.  Phone-a-thon is in the Alumni Center at the University of Louisville.  The job is simple enough and consists of students calling alumni and previous donors to ask for donations for branches or scholarships to the school.  Like most jobs working at Phone-a-thon has its pros and cons.

Image result for picture of telemarketersCONS

It Can be Awkward:

Starting out, asking for money from strangers is a little weird.  It gets even stranger if you know the person.  For example, I once called my dentist who graduated from the University of Louisville Dental School.  I’m dreading my next dental appointment with him especially since he was highly rude on the phone.

People Are Rude:

Don’t get me wrong, once I’m a graduate and get a call from Phone-a-thon asking for a donation I probably won’t give.  Mainly because I’ll be swimming…

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