How FS1 actually helped ESPN 

The Truth As I See It

When Fox launched FS1, their new sports channel to challenge ESPN, they used a lot of the same formulas that ESPN uses and even convinced some old and new ESPN personalities to come over to their side.

Now normally convincing people to come work for the competing company might be a bad thing. However, Fox did ESPN the greatest of favors when they convinced Skip Bayless to come work for them.

The majority of sports fans have always been annoyed by Skip Bayless and the fact that so many of us no longer have to hear him spew such complete inaccuracies on first take any longer is such a blessing.

Skip has been responsible for so many cringe worthy moments at ESPN. Basically anytime he interacted with an athlete current, or former, he would get into an argument with them about something stupid that he’s said.

This opinion can be…

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