The 5 Denim Essentials Every Girl Needs In Her Closet

Faith, Football, and Fashion

In the fashion world things go in and out of style like its their job, but thankfully denim has never gone out of style.

And lets be honest y’all… Its not going anywhere.

In my opinion everyone should own 5 specific denim items in their wardrobe.

If you don’t already have this stuff take your behind to the mall after reading this, and amp up your closet.


A classic jean jacket

Image result for classic jean jacket

No matter who you are EVERYONE should own a classic denim jacket.  They are simply timeless.


An oversized denim jacket

Image result for oversized jean jacket

Oddly enough oversized clothing has made an astounding impact to fashion in 2016/2017. While I normally wouldn’t consider this an essential, because it is nothing but a trend I don’t plan on getting rid of mine anytime soon.


Dark Denim Jeans

Dark Denim  The perfect pair has the power to truly transform how you look and feel. Whether you dress ‘em up or dress ‘em down, dark denim jeans will always work, and always impress.:

Dark jeans are an absolute essential to every wardrobe. They can be worn casually or…

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