What’s New With Mario Kart?

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Mario Kart for the Nintendo Switch came out almost a month ago, so we’ve had some time to assess its value compared to its earlier release for the Wii U. While technically it’s the same game, the Switch claims “Mario Kart 8: Deluxe Edition.” Overall, the new game is pretty similar but there are a few key features.

Double Items

The biggest change is the ability to hold two items at once. While this feature has been included in previous Mario Karts, I have to point out the distinction that in Double Dash, you could switch between your items. For example, in Double Dash you could use the second item you picked up first. Now, the items must be used in the order that you grab them, but I think this just adds an even more interesting element to the game. With two items in a locked order, sometimes you…

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