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It’s a Saturday in the summer of 2002, and you’re looking for something to do. Why not check out this free music show at Tyler Park? You probably wouldn’t have guessed at the time, but this small group of 50-60 people enjoying the arts turned into one of the top 15 most anticipated music festivals of the summer: Forecastle. If you’re from Louisville, you probably know the modern Forecastle, big names, loud music, lots of people and lots of fun. But Forecastle’s humble beginnings showcase how Louisville’s hunger for the arts has grown.
The venue for Forecastle bounced around quite a bit before finding its home at the Ohio River Waterfront Park. As crowds grew, the festival was relocated from Tyler Park to Cherokee Park in 2005, and again to the Melwood Arts and Entertainment Center in 2006. Finally in ‘07 Forecastle found its home on the Ohio, the biggest…

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