Grub Girls Donut Mess Around



Are you tired of the regular basic sweets? Is a mediocre cake with vanilla topping or a batch of basic oatmeal cookies not satisfying your sweet tooth?

No matter what the season, anyone can enjoy a delicious doughnut from Hi-Five Doughnuts!

Hi-Five doughnuts is located on 1011 East Main Street in Louisville, Kentucky. The small yellow building decorated with sprinkles is impossible to miss. The Hi-Five doughnuts journey started with its two owners, Annie Harlow and Leslie Wilson four years ago. Their business started out with the two entrepreneurs working under a tent and serving doughnuts to tables. They slowly expanded and moved their doughnut expedition to a food truck at the Flea Off Market. That’s when their fame started to grow in Louisville, and Hi-Five doughnuts gained their popularity in this city.

This morning we had the privilege to visit Hi-Five doughnuts and talk to Annie Harlow one-on-one. Annie…

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