What are you willing to spend on your wardrobe? Capstone

Faith, Football, and Fashion

Fashion comes in all sorts of styles, sizes, and patterns. It is unique to each person, and is one thing that each individual can make his or her own. That being said having good style or any style quite frankly comes with a price tag.

And sometimes a pretty large price tag at that.

As a college student it is sometimes to achieve the look you are really going for, because the look you want to achieve cost a little more than what your wallet is willing to allow you to spend.

That said there are ways that you can jump the system, and be able to purchase the items you really want.

First things first it is always important to utilize the fact that you are a college student. A lot of places give anywhere between 5,10,or 15% just for simply showing your student ID.

Another thing you could…

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