Ways to Save Money in College

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Rent Textbooks chegg

Textbooks can be one of the biggest expenses in college. Depending on what major you are textbooks can be anywhere from $200 to over $500. Renting your textbooks can save you hundreds of dollars a semester and thousands over the course of four years. Websites like Chegg and Amazon offer most textbooks as significantly cheaper prices. Someone people like to buy their books, but if you’re anything like me you will never look at it again once your class is over.

Choose Housing Carefully

rental housesUsually as a freshman, you stay in the dorms but depending on the school once you’re no longer a freshman you are on your own with finding a place to live. A lot of schools have what they call affiliated housing which is generally apartment style with other roommates. However, this can be another costly out of pocket expense. Due to the amenities that…

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