Don’t forget to sleep

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Sleep is very Essential for survival in the life of a college students. So many times I hear “I pulled 3 all-nighters this week” and I’m like….
Lemon head
THIS WEEK?! How are you living right now?! People don’t understand but when you don’t get any sleep you are a walking ZOMBIE!

Go ahead and grab your doppio espresso and try to tell yourself that you’re fine and that you’re awake and able to function properly! Your body literally NEEDS sleep to live.

A lot of people think I’m crazy when I say that I love sleep, but this isn’t a game. This isn’t just me talking about something I love like I love ice cream. No, this is about something that helps me live and continue on living.

Many people try to push themselves every week, but if you’re a student like me taking 18 credit hours + working 30hrs or…

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