Whitewashing in Hollywood

The Weekly Sam

Whitewashing when it comes to Hollywood is nothing new, although the international conversation about it has only recently begun.  If you don’t know what whitewashing is, whitewashing is casting white actors for roles that, in the original context of the story, was held by non-white characters, mostly Asian roles.  You may have heard some of the stories, so I am going to compile some of the examples of Hollywood and tendencies for whitewashing.


The first time I had heard of Hollywood’s whitewashing on social media was with the movie Ghost in the Shell.  I have not seen Ghost in the Shell, but it is my understanding that, for a Japanese anime, it is one of the best-selling Japanese animated movies in the world, making it a cult classic.  So when it was revealed there was going to be a live-action remake, people were excited; until it was found out that…

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