Sleep Posture

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You would think at this point in your life you are able to distinguish between a healthy sleeping position and an unhealthy sleeping position;  but oftentimes your own sleeping habits can be improved for better sleep quality.

Sleep Posture: Back

Sleeping on your back is more prone to cause snoring and sleep apnea, however, sleeping on your back straightens your spine out and doesn’t cause any strain on the neck.


Back sleepers are said to have fewer wrinkles on their face as well, due to their face being exposed to air throughout the night, rather than in a pillow or a blanket.  A study found that back sleepers actually have a worse quality of sleep, compared to side and stomach sleeping postures.

Sleep Posture: Side

resize.pngReports indicate the majority of sleepers choose to sleep on their side, rather than their back or stomach.  Sleeping on ones side circulates blood flow…

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