Why is can be harder to lose a pet than your parent or sibling

Hannah's Hoppin' Hotline

After taking a summer course on the Sociology of Death and Dying, one topic that stood out to me what was how it can be harder to lose your pet compared to losing a parent or sibling. I have never doubted that animals, such as dogs and cats, were considered family members, but I have come from a family where I was deprive of sharing a special bond with a fury four legged friend.

In an article on Business Insider, a man tells his painful story of how he and his wife had to put down their beloved dog, Murphy. In this story, Frank tells how animals provide their human with real unconditional love. In this case, dogs do not talk back to you, they do not judge you. the are not capable and do not care about your religious beliefs or sexual orientation. They just ask for love and…

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