Five Ways to Get in the Halloween Spirit


With Halloween only six weeks away it fees like its right around the corner. People are already digging into anything pumpkin spice, and buying Halloween candy. Some are busy planning their costumes to get a head start. Here is a list of some of ways you can get into the Halloween spirit here in Louisville.

  1. Visit the Georgetown Drive in for the Creepy Cruise-In. Where you can enjoy a bowl of Uncle Jesse’s chili, meet Dr. Gangrene live in person, and take your pick of watching The Car, It, or Annabelle.

Drive In

2. Visit a Pumpkin Patch, at Joe Huber’s Family Farm where you can pick pumpkins, enjoy hand dipped Carmel apples and much more.


3. Visit some of Louisville’s professional haunted houses. Danger Run, Nightmare Forest Haunt park, The Devil’s Attic, Legend at Pope Lick, The 7th Street Haunt, Asylum Haunted Scream Park, Grim Trails, Fear Fair, Black Orchard…

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