Being on Reality Television…

Rose's Rundown

Not the average comment someone makes is that they are a part of a reality television series.  I was just like everyone not knowing that lifestyle, until January of 2017.  I am part of  Lifetime’s newest hit reality television series “So Sharp” which made its airing debut July 26, 2017.

“So Sharp” follows my coach, Todd Sharp, and my teammates and I on the prestigious University of Louisville Ladybirds Dance Team.  The show involves insight on our lives, our practices, our demandind schedule, our stress, our drama, and all the inbetween.  The first season followed our road to nationals where we prepared to defend our two national titles in NDA (National Dance Alliance) collegiate competition in Daytona Beach, FL.

Throughout the series, we perform games that prepare us for the nationals floor while it shows the stress pressure and hard work it takes to stay on top.  Through the blood…

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