NBA team in Louisville

The Truth As I See It

The NBA above all else, is a business. It’s a business before it’s a basketball league. This is because if the NBA, the people who own the team, and the networks that broadcast the games, aren’t making money then the league can’t exist. This is something that should be considered when the question is posed “should Louisville have an NBA team”?

In the past five years there has been a lot of rumors and speculation that there may be an NBA team headed to Louisville in the future. And on the surface it would make a lot of sense. The KFC Yum! Center is relatively new, Kentucky is a state that loves basketball both the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky have beloved basketball teams, and the city of Louisville is growing both economically and in popularity.

However, with the average NBA team being worth 1.1 billion dollars…

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Final Project (skateboarding)

Sports Report

The sport of skateboarding is not only about riding the board, but also involves performing tricks. Some view it as art while some may use is as their official form or transportation. The popularity of skateboarding is rapidly rising and is reported to be a $4.8 billion dollar market with over 11 million skateboarders worldwide. Skate parks have been built for skateboarders since the 1970s; however there is still some concern about the skaters who illegally skate on and damage curbs, benches, and steps in parks and shopping areas. This gave the skaters an image of being rebellious and destructive. Skateboarding has evolved and became increasingly popular with all ethnicities. It is viewed as a sport that promotes brotherhood and will be a featured completion in the 2020 Olympics that will be held in Tokyo, Japan.
Skateboarding has its pros and cons. One of the pros of skateboarding is that…

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What are you willing to spend on your wardrobe? Capstone

Faith, Football, and Fashion

Fashion comes in all sorts of styles, sizes, and patterns. It is unique to each person, and is one thing that each individual can make his or her own. That being said having good style or any style quite frankly comes with a price tag.

And sometimes a pretty large price tag at that.

As a college student it is sometimes to achieve the look you are really going for, because the look you want to achieve cost a little more than what your wallet is willing to allow you to spend.

That said there are ways that you can jump the system, and be able to purchase the items you really want.

First things first it is always important to utilize the fact that you are a college student. A lot of places give anywhere between 5,10,or 15% just for simply showing your student ID.

Another thing you could…

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And… We out.

meditative creativity

It’s a Saturday in the summer of 2002, and you’re looking for something to do. Why not check out this free music show at Tyler Park? You probably wouldn’t have guessed at the time, but this small group of 50-60 people enjoying the arts turned into one of the top 15 most anticipated music festivals of the summer: Forecastle. If you’re from Louisville, you probably know the modern Forecastle, big names, loud music, lots of people and lots of fun. But Forecastle’s humble beginnings showcase how Louisville’s hunger for the arts has grown.
The venue for Forecastle bounced around quite a bit before finding its home at the Ohio River Waterfront Park. As crowds grew, the festival was relocated from Tyler Park to Cherokee Park in 2005, and again to the Melwood Arts and Entertainment Center in 2006. Finally in ‘07 Forecastle found its home on the Ohio, the biggest…

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Grub Girls Donut Mess Around



Are you tired of the regular basic sweets? Is a mediocre cake with vanilla topping or a batch of basic oatmeal cookies not satisfying your sweet tooth?

No matter what the season, anyone can enjoy a delicious doughnut from Hi-Five Doughnuts!

Hi-Five doughnuts is located on 1011 East Main Street in Louisville, Kentucky. The small yellow building decorated with sprinkles is impossible to miss. The Hi-Five doughnuts journey started with its two owners, Annie Harlow and Leslie Wilson four years ago. Their business started out with the two entrepreneurs working under a tent and serving doughnuts to tables. They slowly expanded and moved their doughnut expedition to a food truck at the Flea Off Market. That’s when their fame started to grow in Louisville, and Hi-Five doughnuts gained their popularity in this city.

This morning we had the privilege to visit Hi-Five doughnuts and talk to Annie Harlow one-on-one. Annie…

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Looking Ahead: Super Mario Odyssey

Check This Out

I’m trying not to get to excited, I’m really trying. But come on, have you guys seen the trailer for Super Mario Odyssey? It’s insane. The last 3D Mario world we played, Super Mario 3D Land, felt really stale. It played just like every other Mario game, and while it’s fun doing new puzzles and games on each updated system, Mario looked like it was simmering out after this one.

That’s why as soon as I heard about Nintendo’s new console, 3DMario was the first thing I thought about. Nintendo knew that with Super Mario 3D Land’s stagnant gameplay, it was time tothrow something completely new out there.

History Repeats

If you’ve ever played Super Mario Sunshine, you probably loved it. It was pretty much unanimously considered one of the best games to come to Gamecube. When I watched the trailer for Super Mario Odyssey, I was overcome with nostalgia…

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Favorite Store

Keion's Blog Site

There are a lot of stores that I shop at when I go shopping. But there are just some that I tend to go to more than others. Everyone has there favorite clothing store and for many different reasons.

One of my favorite clothing stores use to be True Religion. Whenever I would put on jeans I use to tell myself I am not putting on jeans unless they are True Religion. But as I got in college and had to start paying for my own jeans I don’t really to much buy True Religion anymore.

As I got on my own I learned that it isn’t all about the brand name it is all about what makes you comfortable and does it look good.

My favorite stores now are PacSun, Zumiez, and H&M. These stores basically have everything I need when it comes to dressing myself.

I go to…

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