Instagram; the fitness community

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One can scroll through Instagram at any given time of the day and find several personal trainers, fitness models and reps for businesses that carry fitness related material. You can find them on the explore page or just by searching the #fitness on the search page. These pages will give you options for healthy foods, workouts, clothing options and some even sale workout equipment.

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With this generation of inspirational people to follow on Instagram we should all be motivated to do better, be better or look better, right? Victoria, “Tori” a 24 year old student at the University of Louisville says “while some of these girls are very inspirational but some of them give unrealistic hopes to young girls, some of those women have never probably set foot in a gym and used surgeries to achieve those looks. The unrealistic dreams and goals can lead…

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U of L doesn’t deserve Mr. Jim

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James Bronger Sr., known to students as Mr. Jim, is more than just an employee at McAlister’s Deli. He’s the most wholesome thing to have ever graced this university.

As a former TARC driver, Mr. Jim said he loved his passengers, and now at McAlister’s, he loves the students the same way. This is evident not only in the way he brightens students’ days, but also in the way he contributes small things behind the scenes. He said because McAlister’s only has unsweetened applesauce, he bought cinnamon, and he also bought cheesecake toppings. Despite his popularity, Mr. Jim stays humble.

“I’m not patting myself on the back, that’s just the way I show you all how much I love and care for you guys,” he said.

Students also show an incredible amount of love towards him. He has received cards from students and graduates for his birthday. Mr. Jim said students also recognize him…

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Winter Must Haves

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As the end of the winter season quickly draws near, it’s important to take the time to reflect on must haves for the season. Must have items differ from season to season because each season has its own unique qualities. University of Louisville students shared their personal favorite must haves with me.

“A cute pair of boots and a scarf are essential for the cold winter season,” said Maria Franzman, senior at the University of Louisville.

“I love a nice coat,” said Starr Savoy, sophomore at the University of Louisville.

Similar to Maria and Starr; a cute pair of boots, scarf, and nice coat are essential items for the winter season along with other items.

  1. Boots
  2. Scarf
  3. Coat
  4. Lip Balm
  5. Lotion

Boots: Nothing completes a look quite like a cute pair of statement boots. Popular boots this winter season have been sparkle boots. Here is a fun example of a…

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Basic Vegan Skin Care Products

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When switching to a vegan lifestyle, most of the time it is necessary to change up your beauty routine, because many popular brands are not vegan and cruelty free. If you were previously using a ton of non-vegan, non-cruelty free products in every step of your skin care routine, this list of products may help make your transition to a vegan lifestyle easier. These products have good reviews on sites like Amazon and some were even recommended at Sephora.

img_9823-1img_9824-1Pacifica – Dreamy Youth

This Pacifica Dreamy Youth moisturizer is commonly referred to as light and more gel like, but many say it moisturizes like a dream. One reviewer said, “I have noticed significantly less dry patches this winter while using it. I love how fast it absorbs!” If you have very sensitive skin and are hesitant to try new products because you didn’t want to have a bad reaction, the brand Pacifica is a good place to…

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Cadets Dive into New Challenges with Combat Water Survival Training

Madison's Corner Reporting

By: Madison Thompson

Cadets from the UofL Brigade reached another milestone in their training at the Ralph R. Wright Natatorium. That milestone is Combat Water Survival Training. CWST is a mandatory pass event for Cadets to receive their commission and graduate. There were several events going on simultaneously.

“You have a gear swim with your full uniform on and tennis shoes and a vest with a dummy rifle. You have to swim 15 meters with the rifle up out of the water. Then you have the gear dump where you have your full uniform, vest and a rifle and you have to jump backwards into the water and take all your gear off before you surface. This simulates if you fall off of a boat,” explained Cadet Seth Coomes.

“Some of the other events we’re doing is walking off a diving board blindfolded… and then we’ll tread water for ten…

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Where to boldly go on your Florida vacation

Courtney at UofL

While Orlando may be the theme park capital of the world, there are plenty of other experiences to enhance your vacation to be found by looking beyond the city limits. An easy hour-long drive from Walt Disney World will land you in Titusville, home of the Kennedy Space Center.


It may not have rollercoasters, but the Kennedy Space Center is thrilling in its own way by offering visitors a look at America’s greatest adventures: missions into space. The KSC offers exhibits that look into the past, and tell about the history of the Apollo, Gemini, and Shuttle missions. Perhaps the most impressive exhibit of all contains the actual Atlantis shuttle, the first shuttle ever made.

Beyond the Atlantis exhibit, most exhibits (such as the Astronaut Hall of Fame) focus on the men and women who made history by traveling into space. The majority of artifacts in each exhibit are items…

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Thrills and Chills


Watching thriller films refreshes audiences by preying on the human condition.  Feelings of anxiety, excitement, and fear are just a few of the pleasurable emotions viewers indulge in while watching this genre.  “They’re exhilarating,” said Michael C., a thriller film fanatic.

Michael has enjoyed suspenseful movies ever since he was a kid.  While he loves to gamble on suggested thrillers from friends and family, Michael has a few favorites:

  1. 30 Days of Night
    • This vampire movie is stationed in Alaska, a perfect habitat for vamps during the thirty day-long polar nights. This movie is on the top of Michael’s list.  “Stuff just jumps out at you,” he said.

Image result for 30 days of night gif

  1. Deep Blue Sea
    • In search of an Alzheimer’s cure, doctors experiment on the brain tissues of sharks. A higher-intelligence becomes a dangerous side effect when a shark escapes.

Image result for deep blue sea gif

  1. 28 Days Later
    • Good intentioned animal activists release “rage” infected chimps in this horror…

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