Summerfest: Good Music, Good Friends

Taylors Take

Rap, hip hop, country, rock….these are just some of the music genres played all around the world. These artists and bands have to play their music somewhere don’t they? I am a huge lover of music festivals. There are SO many here in the United States, and even other countries. Some of the most well-known music festivals are Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Ultra, Tomorrowland, and Summerfest.

However, I’m here to tell you about Summerfest! This is one of my favorite music festivals to attend, and can you guess when it takes place? SUMMMMMMMER. Held at the Henry Maier Festival Park in Milwaukee, WI, this festival brings in some of the best performers around. It lasts for a total of 11 days in June and July, and there are over 1,000 performances…. One. Thousand. Crazy, huh? They have 11 stages for artists to perform on, and it’s jam packed from noon to midnight with die…

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RIP Friends


Today I heard some heartbreaking news.  In a month Netflix will be getting rid of some of their most popular TV shows.  These shows include One Tree Hill, Parks and Recreation, Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, Gossip Girl, and Friends.  Now if this is your first time hearing this tragic news you’re probably going to want to take a moment to let that sink in.  That’s right, no more Chad Michael Murray in basketball shorts, no more Mcsteamy or Mcdreamy, and it may very well be the last time you hear “XO XO, Gossip Girl!”  While it may be painful I think I can almost forgive Netflix for bestowing this great loss upon us.  After all, Grey’s Anatomy plays reruns on TV all the time, One Tree Hill is so old that you can probably find it for free online, and I’ve re-watched Gossip Girl 4 times through.  However, there is…

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Goodbye College! Hello… Real World?

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So guys, my college career is FINALLY coming to an end and boy am I pretty estatic about it!

At this point I have been in college for a little over 5 years–which means I have been in school (be it elementary, middle, and high school) for 17 years of my life… woah, saying that out loud makes it feel a bit more intense than I thought.

Being in school for that long you could say I’m very much looking forward to not having to go to class every single day. Or worry about paying for tuition, buying books, and even walking to class in the mornings.

Yeah, yeah, I know after I graduate it will be all “real world” adulating. Which means going to work everyday, paying for bills, and possibly buying a car……. or does it?

Everyone always asks me what my plan after I graduate is and…

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All About Chinese Dumplings

Answers to Amber

Have you heard about “Jiao Zi” which many American people known as pot stickers, steam dumplings or even gyoza. To the Chinese, dumplings not only mean food but it’s a traditional cultural. Eating dumpling on special occasion will bring people luck and express people’s aspiration for a better life.

  • How Chinese dumplings later spread as the food that must be eaten during festivals and special events.
  1. Chinese dumplings are mostly made during the wintertime because of the Chinese Spring Festival (New Year) because people felt warm when eating the fresh boiled dumplings and the special taste to it made people loved it even more.
  2. Chinese dumplings are a must especially in Northern part of China. People also eat dumplings not only during spring festival time but also during New Years, midwinter day but are also eaten during married days or baby shower events.

  • Many different meanings and symbols of enjoying…

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What’s New With Mario Kart?

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Mario Kart for the Nintendo Switch came out almost a month ago, so we’ve had some time to assess its value compared to its earlier release for the Wii U. While technically it’s the same game, the Switch claims “Mario Kart 8: Deluxe Edition.” Overall, the new game is pretty similar but there are a few key features.

Double Items

The biggest change is the ability to hold two items at once. While this feature has been included in previous Mario Karts, I have to point out the distinction that in Double Dash, you could switch between your items. For example, in Double Dash you could use the second item you picked up first. Now, the items must be used in the order that you grab them, but I think this just adds an even more interesting element to the game. With two items in a locked order, sometimes you…

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Checklist for LinkedIn

Answers to Amber

Summer time is a great opportunity to go out and explore and find yourself a fun internship! Having a LinkedIn account will be helpful in building more connections and experiences.

Everyone probably either heard of LinkedIn or already have your account? But have you wondered how to make your LinkedIn account stand out? Well… Keep reading.

  • LinkedIn profile picture

-the profile picture should be in similar standards as our ID picture, it is recommended to wear a nice shirt with a meaningful smile.

  • Headline

Headline should include the current job and major, and even the job that you are currently looking for

  • Summary Section

Should be in length of 3-4 sentences, it should include keywords or phrases that highlight your best skills, past work history, and let people know your future aspiration

  • Work Experiences

In this section, list past job experiences that we held, and the accomplishment for each of…

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King Arthur Movie Review


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In honor of discounted movies on Tuesdays my boyfriend and I decided to go and see King Arthur today.  The movie was neither of our first choices.  I was leaning towards the new chick flick with Nick Robinson and he wanted to watch the sequel to Guardians of the Galaxy.  So, we compromised and decided on King Arthur and it was a lot better than I had thought it would be.

To start off I had really low expectations for this movie.  I vaguely knew the stories of King Arthur from learning about them in junior high.  I expected the movie to be a boring tale of knights sitting around a circular table discussing war strategies.  However, the movie started out at a quick pace and barely slowed down throughout the duration of the film.  In the beginning King Arthur goes into an adventurous background story about Excalibur (the infamous…

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