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If you happened to stumble across my most recent post, you read about my cross-country road trip to the red rocks of Arizona. As we pulled off the Bardstown Rd exit here in Louisville to return our rented van, after about 28 hours in the car, three of us (irresponsibly) purchased tickets on our phone to see The Head and the Heart at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Morrison, CO in four months. Other than that, we had zero plans for where we’d stay or what we’d do in Colorado, but we assumed that we would figure it all out in the four months that followed.


We didn’t. As we hopped on I-64 W in early August (a Monday), all we knew was that we were seeing The Head and the Heart on Thursday and that we had a hotel booked for the night of the concert and that night only…

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2018; The Flood

Estashia Millers Blog

It is often said that “April’s showers bring Mays flowers,” well what does the warm weather and rain bring in February? It brings flooding. Cities all along the the Ohio River have been devastated by the recent flooding. Homes are destroyed, animals displaced, trash is washing up on banks and streets causing the cities to look pitiful. The water crested on February 26th, 2018 at 67.4 feet, which is just 3 feet below the flood of 97′.


The photo above is from February 22, 2018 taken from the Belle of Louisville. The flooding caused several business’ and roads to close throughout towns bordering the Ohio River. Horseshoe Casino in southern Indiana closed before the flood took over the casino, leaving hundreds out of work. I work in southern Indiana at Brownies the Shed and roads very close to us were closed. A lot of restaurants and businesses around us were…

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“Louisville’s most ignorant artist.”

In an interview with the very talented Mexican-American commercial artist Huber Lara, known for his graffitis and for turning famous masterpieces into street style art. His street name is CAST. In the interview with CAST, I learned about his art and background. CAST is a sixteen-year-old self-taught artist.


(Huber Lara accompanied by his two younger brothers)

CAST described that he enjoys giving the street touch to famous masterpieces such as The Mona Lisa and David. “I like to think that these famous art pieces have walked through the streets and got thrown a little bit of everything,” CAST.

“Weigh your soul, not your gold”               “Now she’s popping.”

CAST is making a game for himself in the graffiti scene here in Louisville, showing great potential and expressing himself through his art. I asked CAST, how he would describe his art and he said…

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Climb Nulu…..

Kimmie's Blog

I’ve found a new love in my life. Rock climbing.

One of my favorite places to go climbing in Louisville is at Climb Nulu. They have so many different challenges when it comes to pushing yourself. The walls have different degrees of difficulty, the start at V0 and go up from there. Since I’m newer to climbing, I stick to the V0s and won’t normally go past a V2 or a V3. I personally wouldn’t suggest going past these levels as a new comer, just because you might not know your body and don’t want to push yourself too much.

Climb Nulu

Climb Nulu has so many different levels and they even have a room that is geared more towards younger kids.

Their prices are $12 for a day pass with no shoe rentals or $15 for a day pass with rentals, they also have special nights like couples nights and ladies…

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By Artisans

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 4.06.39 PM

🌎🌱Handmade in Mexico

“Handmade huaraches inspired by the Mexican culture. A mixture of pride, strength, and elegance.”

Fashion designer Alejandra Lara will soon launch her shoe brand LAZAV. Lara is twenty-five-year old from Mexico. She graduated from the University Valle de Mexico where she pursued her career in Fashion Designing. LAZAV originated in Mexico in 2015.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 11.31.15 PM

Lara explains that the term huarache comes from the term “kwarachi” voice of the Purépecha. Traditionally, this type of footwear has been associated with life in the field. These huaraches are made of braided leather straps or jean like material, and the sole is made out of recycled tires.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 11.44.50 PM

Each individual piece is handmade by amazing artisans. The awe-inspiring artisans apply their knowledge, experience, and love to each manufactured piece. This style of huaraches has been worn by the people of a small community in the state of Michoacan for decades. They are not just a…

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Parenting. Hot or Not?


My husband and I revisited the baby conversation the other day.

We have five nieces and a nephew between my side of the family and his.  So, we did some serious observational research of what it looks like to be a parent.  To most of you, it will come to no surprise that we discovered no parent can sell parenting.


Parenting is a highly unusual full-time job.  I’m currently a bartender while I’m finishing school and… not even drunk people are this much maintenance.  There are things our siblings have to say out loud to their children that makes me wonder how humans have managed survival all this time.

Here are a few insightful one-liners I collected during my research:

1. Don’t throw the potato at the bowl of ravioli.
2. Get the shoe out of your mouth.
3. If you put that in your mouth you’re going to die.

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Christmas in Florida…

Kimmie's Blog

Christmas 2017 was a little different than any other Christmas I’ve had. My parents live in Florida and it was their first Floridian Christmas since moving there in April of 2017. While almost everything that we did down there wasn’t normal for us, it was still so much fun.

The biggest difference for me was the temperature, going from 10 degrees fahrenheit to 80 degrees was a big change. Kentucky was cold when we left it and there was no way we were going to miss the cold weather. Getting onto that airplane knowing we were finally heading to warmer weather was the best thought.

KY from the sky

Our last view of Kentucky before we got to Florida.

When we arrived in Orlando Sanford it was almost 11pm and we could already feel the temperature difference. Even at night it was about 60 degrees. The warmth finally hit me and I was loving…

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