Is a Mac Book Pro The Same Thing As a Printing Press?

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My initial reaction to an Online Journalism class in the first, and shortest, semester of the summer requiring that we blog once daily was- SIGH. I knew I could talk about interesting things, relate to people I’d never met, even offer a perspective that someone might find enjoyable. What I never expected from blogging though was that some person, somewhere, perusing Facebook at the end of a long day might be linked through fate to my words and read them like a scripture. A blog is essentially a diary post. You can talk about something as mundane as your overly ordinary life or something as cool as skydiving strapped tandem to a jaguar. It doesn’t matter- it’s your words and they can be lies, truth, dreamt up or even read off the bathroom wall. Nobody is paying you- and if they are you’re writing towards the extreme about something controversial…

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The 4 groups you see at a Renaissance Faire

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It is getting that time of year again, Renaissance Faire season…

Ah RenFaires, a place for people of all ages to enjoy a bastardized and confused version of everyones favorite time period.

I am no stranger to RenFaires, having been to quite a few in the past few years I find them extremely enjoyable. It does take a certain person to go to these though because you do have to encounter some interesting people.

I like to put these people into 4 groups:

The Crazies:

These are the people who live their lives to go to Renaissance Festivals, usually the ones who spend their free time watching anime and playing World of Warcraft and other games of the like. Nice people, just a bit… out there. 

The Scholars:

Believe it or not quite a few visitors to RenFaires are History Majors or Professors. Certainly not because of the “historical accuracy” that…

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Fashion at UofL

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Fashion is way for people to express themselves. It is a way for someone to show how they feel on any given day or any particular moment in your life. Fashion is a way for you to celebrate how you are and how you’re feeling.  The most important thing is that fashion is based on your personality; more active people will enjoy wearing more casual outfits including slacks, sweats, shorts and more on the comfortable side. If you want to been seen as a business person, you will dress in a suit and nice dress shoes. Fashion is all about how you want people to see you.

This semester we had the opportunity to walk around campus and learn about fashion. Most people described fashion as a way to describe yourself and it shows off your personality. During summer classes it was obvious that most students showed up to class…

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Kentucky Humane Society: The Model Blueprint for Non-Profit Shelters

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The Kentucky Humane Society was founded in 1884, making it over 130 years old with one mission in mind: to reduce the overpopulation of dogs and cats through adoption. In 2013 alone, KHS was able to aid nearly 6,500 pets in finding a home—their biggest adoption year in their outstanding history. KHS suggests these numbers were made possible by their efforts to spay and neuter pets, the training programs offered to all animals, and the thousands of volunteers/fosters that keep the organization going.

The Kentucky Humane Society has two major facilities where they can rehabilitate and train animals. The main campus (their largest facility) is open seven days a week for adoption and admissions while the east campus is open Monday through Friday. In addition to their two campuses, KHS also works out of several Feeder Supplies stores, where they have had the most success at adoptions occurring. In total…

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University of Louisville Facilities — The Championship Way

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Running the show in a prestigious college sports town is never easy.

For majority of cities and collegiate teams out there in the United States, you always run into downsides.  At the University of Louisville, finding a hindrance in athletic programs is a rarity.  Louisville has turned into a school that young high school graduates want to attend from any standpoint, to receive an education or a chance at being on a top notch sports team.

The man behind the scenes is the one to thank for that.

Tom Jurich, member of the 1978 NFL Draft, has been the Athletic Director at UofL since 1997.  The progress he’s made has been unquestionable, as people around the country actually know and care about the word “Louisville” when they hear it now.

Just take a stroll through campus — and the city — if you want an idea of what types of…

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University of Louisville and The Green Movement

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At the age of 18, (give or take a few years) you fly from the nest and move to college, embarking on your journey from dependent to independent (mostly). What happens when momma bird quits cooking and cleaning for you though? You’re left to fend for yourself and travel out into the world for sustenance.  PIZZA EVERY NIGHT! Papa John’s, Comfy Cow ice cream, and Qdoba burritos are within walking distance. Who needs nutrients when all of these delicious treats are so readily accessible, Right? Wrong.

The Courier Journal (Louisville’s main newspaper) on May 28, 2014 described Louisville as a Fat City at #49 in fitness out of the 50 states they examined. The Courier Journal presented the following facts:

Only 12 percent of Louisville-area residents eat three or more vegetables a day, far less than the goal of 20 percent. Bad behaviors contribute to higher levels of disease. Twelve…

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Storytelling gone?

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MmBookstores are closing, sales are down, people don’t have time to read because they’re working two jobs. I think there’ll always be a need for story. And since there’s a need for story, there’ll always be a need for writers. In my opinion, a storytelling value lies in remembering what has gone on before for everyone that cares to read, to find words to express emotions and values that individuals in societies need, and to think sideways about decisions that are rendered or could potentially be rendered within that society. The end product may change, maybe paper will be as dead as the dodo one day and books will take on a different form, but the storytelling will never change. Our society has lost its ability to pass its history along in stories. Our future children need to become familiar with stories, not just so they will have a liberal…

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