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Louisville Has a Chance Against FSU.

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Thanks for the clicks Cards fans, but honestly you don’t have a chance.


I don’t think it will be a blowout like I first thought at the beginning of the season. The Cards will bolster the #1 ranked rush defense in the land Thursday night in Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. This bodes well for the Cards, but no matter how well the defense might play there is little hope for the Cardinal offense. Bobby P’s “explosive” offense hasn’t exactly been on display for the Cards this year and it shows. With a mediocre ranking of #85 in overall offense the Petrino offenses of old haven’t exactly shown themselves so far this year. ESPN Stats


With last year’s Heisman Trophy winner coming into town the Cards highly touted defense will surely have their hands full. Winston and the Seminoles offense has struggled at times this year and certainly aren’t the same…

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MNF; How ’bout them Cowboys?

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Demarco Murray gets another 100 yard rushing game. I have to say I’m impressed by his determination and ability. No other running back in NFL history has ran over 100 yards in the first 8 games. The offensive line has a lot to do with his success. The team mentality has revolved around the run game, which has taken the pressure off Tony Romo. I just wish they could hang on to the damn football.
However, tonight’s Monday Night Football matchup was all about Colt McCoy. In his first start in 3 years, he led the Washington Redskins to an overtime victory. Another key to the Redskin’s victory was their defensive pressure. All game long the defense got after the quarterback. Romo couldn’t get a handle on the pressure and ultimately it was too much for the Dallas offense to overcome.
I have to say I’m pretty disappointed in the…

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Big Ben’s Day

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On Sunday afternoon against the Indianapolis Colts, Pittsburgh Steeler quaterback Ben Roethlisberger made history. The Steelers won against the Colts 51-34 where Ben threw for 522 passing yards. This ranks him as fourth all time in passing yards in a single game. Ben seemed to know where every single player was one the field. Ben was 40-49 on pass completions while passing for 6 touchdowns. He appeared unstoppable and is now the only player in NFL history to have multiple 500 yard games. With Ben being compared to all time greats such as the Peyton Mannings and the Tom Bradys, this will help solidify how great he really is.


Ben during his 502 yard game against the Packers in 2009

Ben’s other 500 yard game was against the Green Bay Packers in 2009. This being 5 years prior to his big day this past weekend, Ben seems to have not…

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IMG_3577International students are those students who leave their motherland and travel across oceans and seas to pursue their education and execute their talents. In some other instances, those students not only leave their country to study abroad, but also some of them are under the program of student athletes. These kind of international students are offered scholarship by the host country to pursue their studies as they compete for their school in different college sport competition such as track and field and cross country, Baseball, basketball, football, soccer and many other college sports. The most talented students are selected from various countries that have no college sports and offered a scholarship in a foreign country that as the intercollegiate sports. This opportunity has allowed students to pursue their higher education as they execute their talents which could have not been possible in their country of origin.

International students are found…

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Camp Taylor Exhibit Was Very Intriguing

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Two weeks ago I had to go with my girlfriend to this museum so she could get extra credit. I thought it was going to be very boring, but it ended up being very interesting so I decided to write a blog about it. After visiting the Camp Taylor Exhibit yesterday at the Conrad Museum, there were a lot of intriguing things that caught my eye about World War I that I didn’t really know about. We’ve already had discussions and readings about the war, but one of the topics I want to talk about is propaganda back then. As we all know, propaganda posters were seen everywhere in the United States back during this time. The posters demographic was primarily young men that were considering registering for the war. The exhibit had tons of these posters, but there are couple that I took notes that really stuck in my…

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Merkel Blog#8: Where I’d Like to Travel and Why

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Throughout my life I’ve traveled to several places for vacation. Such as: many cities in Florida, Myrtle Beach (SC), Cleveland (OH), and recently over the past summer I went to Cancun, Mexico. They were all pleasurable experiences and many fun memories were made. Going to these places really opened my eyes to other parts of the country/world and how different places are than just here in Kentucky. I plan on traveling the world one place at a time throughout my future, enjoying every moment. I want to enjoy every spot I go to, but to never find the place I like the most, for the simple fact that I’ll want to keep going to different locations every time.

A few places I have on my “hit list” are Bali, Fuji, Ireland, and Europe. I do not know exactly where else i’d like to travel in Europe yet, I just know…

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