Keep Calm and… MILEY IS COMING

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T-minus 6 days until Miley invades Louisville. Here’s how to prepare for her arrival.


Monday: Smilerz, put your final touches on your costumes


Tuesday: Practice doing your hair in blonde pigtails and putting on red lipstick


Wednesday: Listen to #Bangerz on repeat all day


Thursday: Watch Hannah Montana re-runs


Friday: Get an outrageous manicure


Saturday: FREAK THE F*** OUT!!!!


We’re ready for you Miley! See you Saturday <3


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49 Thoughts While People Watching at Thunder Over Louisville

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  1. Wow, they’re prepared. They have a little tent to hide from the sun under..
  2. Did they just pull a hot dog and macaroni out of that bag?
  3. All I have with me is a granola bar..
  4. Clearly I am not prepared at all.
  5. That girl is wearing a body con dress…
  6. I’m not sure that’s appropriate for the Great Lawn.
  7. …or anytime you’ll be sitting on the ground.
  8. People are dumb.

  9. Speaking of inappropriate attire… why is that 9 year old wearing a crop top?
  10. Did her parents even look at her before she left?
  11. Why do I sound like an old lady?
  12. Forever a grandma..
  13. Now a group is walking single file holding each other’s ears.
  14. There are no words.
  15. Are they drunk?
  16. Nah.. way too young for that.
  17. Just stupid I guess.

  18. This little boy’s hair is more luscious than mine has ever…

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Thunder Safety

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I’m usually looking forward to this time of the year with Thunder Over Louisville coming up to kick off the Derby festivities. Not this year though, with all the recent crime going on in the downtown area I just don’t feel safe regardless of how many cops there will be patrolling the area. I’m trying to stay clear of downtown by any means necessary, if I don’t have to be down there then I’ll just avoid it all together.

It’s already bad that all this crime is going on but what’s even worse is that kids are the ones orchestrating all of this. My biggest question is if they’re middle school aged students where are their parents or guardians through this whole thing?! This just blows my mind and is all really sad. As for people going to Thunder this Saturday stay safe!

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Here a Blog, There a Blog

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Before this semester I never blogged. I’ve always thought blogging was for journalists, gossip columnist, or news reporters. There were plenty of times I wanted to start my own blog but I didn’t know what’s talk about or if I could be consistent with a particular topic. Now that I’ve began to blog, I have kind of taken an interest to it. It isn’t hard to get followers onto your blog, you don’t even have to have a big mainstream audience. Depending on the nature, blogs have a way of traveling very quickly. Blogs impact our society in multiple ways. People follow blogs to read about the latest trends or the new topics going on today. Many blogs like other media sources do nothing but spreading rumors. Society then becomes very intrigued with these rumors and feed of them as if they were true.

As stated in the reading by…

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Baseball is back — under review

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Well, baseball is back. real games are in swing, records count now, and life is good. its good that baseball is back but it is different now. There is something up that gives it a totally different feel than any other season. *swing and a ground ball, right side, second baseman gloves it – fires to second – relay to first – hes out!* *wait it looks like the manager is, yes hes going to challenge the play at first…* That is a thing now. You can now challenge plays (within reason) in the bigs. It works just like football, if you think the call is wrong, you can ask for a challenge. If you win, you get another challenge. The question is, should this happen?

if you ask me, I really don’t know how I feel about it. I should be all for it, i mean after all a…

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Only the good die young

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15 years ago yesterday, I lost something Ill never get back. I lost a friend, a mentor, somebody I was rarely ever seen without. I lost my grandfather, Edward Kennedy Burkholder, and I miss him every day no matter how long ago it was. I still remember him like it was yesterday, and i still sometimes sit and question what life would be like with him here. I also question how my grandma would have fair if I hadnt done what I did. The question remains though, that I will almost certainly never figure out: why do all the good people die so young?

When he died, I was only 7 years old. With everything that was happening, its hard to tell it a 7 year old would understand just what was going on. In my case, there was a doubt in my mind. He was gone, that was it…

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The Game of Time

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Growing up my parents instilled the idea of always being early to events, meetings, and other activities. “Always make sure you have enough time to get things done” was another motto I learned. After the first couple weeks of college, I quickly realized that many people did not have the same mindset.

I have met many people throughout my undergraduate career. For the majority, I have learned that many of my male friends tend to be on time to events and complete their specific duties on time. However, the same cannot be said for my female friends. From ex girlfriends to my best friends, it seems that females always tend to run late or “push the limit” when it comes to being on time.

Sure there are some males who are always late and women who are on time for many things in my life, but most of the females…

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