Most Basic Halloween Costumes

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These are the costumes you don’t wanna get caught wearing if you want to have any claim of originality left to your name.

1. Cat

STOP BEING CATS FOR HALLOWEEN. It screams, “I was lazy and found some cat ears for 3 bucks at Walmart.”

(I’ve been a cat myself… more than once.)

2. Nurse

Just because you spent 50 bucks on a full on nurse outfit… does not make you a sexy nurse. It makes you basic.

(I haven’t ever been a nurse.)


3. Angel

Girls can dress lightly and throw on a pair of angel wings and call it a night. If being an angel is a must, switch it up and maybe be a dark angel. Please, please, please, don’t head the Victoria Secret route. A little slutty is okay. Lingerie is not.

(Yes, I have been an angel, more than once.)


4. Cop

……………… …………………. ……………………

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Malala, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

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Well, it finally happened.  Malala Yousafzai, of Pakistan, was honored by being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.  At 17, she is the youngest person to have received the award.

We remember that in October 2012, Malala was shot in the head by a Pakistani Taliban gunman.  The Taliban wanted to silence her voice.  At the time, Malala was living an activist’s life at her young age, defying the Taliban, and going to school.  She was involved with the writing of an anonymous blog, and speaking out for the continued access to education for young girls and young women.


This was a calling to educate and give educational rights to young girls and young women.  Malala was defying the Taliban by encouraging young girls to pursue and to have access to an education.

Nobelpeace prize

Malala shares this Nobel Peace Prize with another activist for children, Kailash Satyarthi, from India, who has been…

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My Mom is My BFF

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Yep, it’s true.

A lot of American teens go through a phase during which they “hate” their parents. It’s a widely popular phenomenon that happens at some point or another—and there are those who never move beyond it, harboring negative feelings and clammed-up relationships for years. Thankfully, I never went through that phase, and I highly doubt it’ll happen now.

Sure, I’ve had times when I didn’t like what my parents said, or flat-out refused to do something they wanted me to do. I’ve given them a fair amount resistance and headache over the years. But through it all, I’ve remained (I hope) a respectful and loving daughter. We’ve had very few confrontations and fights, and I’ve never had an impulse to run away or sneak out of the house. I value openness in myself, and open is the best way I would characterize my relationship with my mom. I…

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My College classes begin

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classroom 2classroom

As mentioned in my previous blog, I was very excited about getting into JCC. However, that excitement was turning into fear the closer I got to the first day of class. It’s a known fact that fear interrupts certain signals in the brain causing indecision and memory loss, among other things.  I missed my turn to the college and ended up entering a hospital parking lot I mistook for the campus. Once I reached campus, I forgot where I put my schedule, so I called my daughter and had her get on the internet to retrieve the info. Then I couldn’t get it through my head that the Humanities building was also the Arts and Sciences center, that was listed on my schedule. I had to ask a member of the faculty in order to figure it out. My schedule included History, Astronomy, Sociology and Composition II. I reached my…

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Three Things Life Lessons from Being a Bridesmaid

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Over the weekend, I was a bridesmaid in my brother’s wedding. This was my first experience actually being in a wedding, but it was nothing that I expected. I’m not sure what I really expected, but it wasn’t what had occurred over the weekend. Therefore, below is a list of three life lessons I learned from being a bridesmaid.

1) The work is not divided equally-especially if you happen to be related to the bride or groom. 

As I mentioned before, it was my brother’s wedding. Little did I know that this meant that I would be three hours early to the rehearsal the day before and be one of five bridesmaids that were in attendance to help decorate. However, even though most of my family was there, I was expected to help with a lot more than the other bridesmaids. Not saying that I wasn’t happy to because I…

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Whose Afraid of the Big Bad Ebola?

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The talk of the town- and by town, I mean world- is Ebola. Everyone knows something about Ebola. For better or for worse, the media has seen a huge influx in reporting on this disease. From televised news reports to newspaper articles to twitter hashtags, you don’t have to look far for someone talking about Ebola. But, how do you know what is correct? Sources have been giving conflicting reports since the pandemonium began. How did this happen so suddenly? How many people have actually died? Where is the disease? How does it spread? How do we stop it? Let’s clear a few things up…

First of all, Ebola is not something new. This disease has been around for several decades now, first showing up in simultaneous but isolated cases in the Sudan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 1976. The general public, however, was first acquainted with…

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Pop Tart Pandemonium

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Recently I discovered a very startling fact about Pop Tarts. While there are two pastries in each little packaged sleeve, the intended serving size is only one Pop Tart. I feel as though there is no way I could be alone on the misconception and here’s why…

1.) Who gets full off just one Pop Tart?

The answer is new born babies and ferrets. All joking aside, one Pop Tart does not contain the caloric value the average person needs to start their morning. According to, a person should consume 25% of their daily calories at breakfast. When considering an average diet of 2,000 calories a day, you need to intake 500 calories at breakfast. One pastry is approximately 200 calories, with variation among flavors. *You can check out the full list of calories by flavor at Therefore, if you only ate the recommended serving size of one…

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