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Ever since the Roger Staubach era my dad was a Cowboys fan. Whether because Dallas was considered America’s Team or the often trips to Texas to see family, my dad was a Cowboys fan through thick and more recently thin. A few things are passed down from father to son: eyebrows, temper, comedic sense, nose, hair, demeanor, and in this case; sports teams.

So I was born a Cowboys fan and the first handful of years were great. Three Super Bowls in 4 years. An offense reigned by Hall of Famers Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith, and Michael Irvin. Coached by future Hall of Famer Jimmy Johnson. These guys were at the top of their game with records and rings to show for it. It was easy to be a Cowboys fan. That’s all I knew anyway, why change now?

If you keep up with the NFL you’re most likely aware…

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The G.O.A.T.

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Peyton Manning at the University of Tennessee

Peyton Manning the son of ex professional quarterback Archie Manning had so much pressure on him going into the 1998 draft. Peyton had always been viewed as one of the best players in the country, but some questioned if the young star could also prevail in the NFL. He ended up being the number one overall pick in the draft and he would play for the Indianapolis Colts. In his tenure being a Colt, peyton posted some spectacular numbers and won a Super Bowl. The Colts released Manning after being there for 15 years due to his possible career ending neck injury.


Peyton Manning quarterback of the Denver Broncos

Peyton ended up signing with the Denver Broncos after being released by the Colts. Manning only having one Super Bowl ring makes skeptics think that he doesn’t qualify as the best of all time…

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Lou Loves to Eat

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Someone once told me that Louisville holds a record for having the most privately owned “mom & pop” style restaurants. Now that may not be the most accurate statistic but nonetheless, I can definitely attest to the sentiment about variety of local eateries around here!

Hidden and bargain gems are scattered throughout the city, each with a very unique atmosphere and taste. Louisville’s Bardstown Road is definitely a prime location to find plenty of the best places. Also on Bardstown Road you can find the whole spectrum of price ranges for whatever level of fancy you’re looking for. Louisville is also likely the most culturally and ethnically diverse cities in the state, which results in many benefits to Louisvillians- one of which would be the variety in types of foods available.


Below are several of Louisville’s top notch choices:

  1. Ramsi’s Café on the World

The atmosphere speaks for itself in…

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UofL… A Smoke Free Campus?

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Visualize UofL’s campus, right now. What do you see? Walking through the courtyard, your eyes wander to the multiple no smoking signs displayed all across the lawn. But not more than 5 feet away, your eyes land on a group of students, doing the exact opposite of the printed letters. Smoking. So apparently, people can’t read. UofL’s “No Smoking” policy is not taken seriously, and obviously needs to be enforced.

The irony in our “Smoke Free Campus” is very apparent. You see the signs, you see them everywhere. On buses, in elevators, in hallways at school, especially at UofL, and yet, people still smoke. So, really what’s the point of having the signs there, or the “smoke-free campus” rule if no one’s going to follow it or enforce it? They’re just there for show, to show visitors, and school officials that we’re a “smoke-free” campus. They’re strung along the walls…

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Merkel Blog#7: My Top 4 pick of TV series you should watch. (Part 2/2)

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Even people who don’t watch this, know it’s about motorcycles, gangs, and killing. If you’re one who enjoys watching television with people constantly being killed at random and nonstop action, then this is your show. Sons has many characters who you’ll love more than any other, then hate in the next season. The characters personalities change so much, but in a good way. It keeps you wanting more, to know what happens next. It’s hard to believe the final season is airing on TV right now, because I have no idea how this could possible end. I mean cm’on, people are still alive and creating chaos still. I couldn’t see this show ending unless it kills off every main character, only because the majority of them are mentally screwed up dealing with a new problem every 5 minutes. If it seems like I’m bashing this show…

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Wesley a man of the people

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Wesley korir is a renowned athlete born and raised in Kitale, Trans –Nzoia country in Kenya. The 32 year old is one of the best people known ever in history. As a kid, Wesley used to run five miles each day to and back from school. He grew up learning the hardships of life since the struggle was real for him. In some of the families in is village people will go for some days with no food during some seasons when there was shortages of food. People ask why Kenyan kids run to school and the answer provided by Wesley korir is the fact that they don’t just run to school but also they are running away from poverty.

After struggling for years in Kenya he managed to graduate in high school and it was when the real struggle began. It was a different struggle he had good grades…

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The centennial anniversary for the Belle

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With the exception of geological time, 100 years is a long time. More to the point, 100 years is a long time to be a riverboat with a paddle wheel, wooden frame, and a steel hull, and to be traveling the waterways.
The Belle of Louisville is the country’s “oldest river steamboat” and could be the second oldest in the world. Louisville is fortunate to have such a gem on the Ohio River to call our own. It is a source of pride on the river.
The Belle, originally known as Idlewild, was first “launched” in Pittsburg in October of 1914.

The great American humorist and author, Samuel Langhorne Clemens, also known as Mark Twain, was very much a river connoisseur. In his early years, he apprenticed on steamboats from St. Louis to New Orleans and after two years became a steamboat “pilot”, the navigator of the steamboat.

The name…

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