Merkel Blog#4: The Pro’s and Con’s of Being in College

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Choosing whether to attend college or follow a different path in life is probably one of the hardest decisions that a teenage has to make. Not only is it hard to choose which college would be best for you, but choosing which career you would like to pursue for the rest of you life is very challenging. Before attending college, I had many doubts in myself about if I could succeed in college and if I am choosing what is best for me. I sucked up my fears and I gave college a shot!

To be honest, college is not for everyone. It takes a lot of time and dedication the entire way throughout college. If you do not think that you can motivate yourself very well or believe that you have lazy qualities, then I would say save your money and time and choose a different route. One of…

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Dannis Kimetto Joints The Hall of Fame After Breaking The World Record

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Did you see that happen? While some people were enjoying their sleep, Dannis Kimetto breaks the world record at the streets of Berlin. The Kenyan native broke the previous record by 26 seconds owned by is Countryman Wilson Kipsang. On the 41st Berlin marathon, history was made since not only the world record was broken but also the second runner run under the world record. Emmanuel Mutai finishes in a time of 2:03:13 behind Dannis Kimetto who finish the course in 2:02:57. Dannis Kimetto becomes the first man to break 2 hours 3mins barrier and left the world wondering. How far is far? The world was left wondering and guessing if they will live to withness someone run 26:2 miles in 2hour or below soon. The average pace per mile of 4:41 left me wondering if that is human.

After the world record was broken on Sunday the previous record…

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The Red Hat Society: A Sisterhood Like No Other

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This previous weekend, I had the privilege to attend a Red Hat Society event. On Saturday, September 27th, the Society held their fourth annual fashion show and brunch at the Seelbach Hotel. I’m not sure what I had expected at the beginning of the event, however, I did learn a few things about the organization.

images (2)

For example, while in some organizations the chapters have Presidents, in the Red Hat Society the chapters have Queens. These queens also have royal courts. The Red Hat Society also has a main set of goals (according to their website):

1) Friendship

2) Fun

3) Freedom

4) Fulfillment

5) Fitness

I observed many of these goals at the event on Saturday. The first thing that I exampled were the glitz and glamour of the Red Hatters and Pink Hatters that were present. They each had on extravagent hats and outfits–some women were even wearing red…

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Who Knows, I Could Be A UK Fan

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After reading an article from a UofL student about students wearing other college attire, I didn’t really agree with the author’s argument. The author’s argument was that students around UofL’s campus should show school spirit and not wear non-school UofL attire. The author said that “in all actuality, UofL is something special, and the students here need to treat it and respect it as such.” It seems as though the author wants us to feel bad since everyone isn’t showing school spirit. I didn’t know students on campus had to wear UofL attire all the time to show support to a school. Also, I don’t think wearing a high school shirt is a “faux pas” because I see people all over campus wearing high school attire. It’s not violating the social norm if a majority of people are wearing high school shirts or hoodies or whatever. I went to duPont…

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Exhaustion & Such, Monday oh so…

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Normally I like to make my blogs about something meaningful or something that I like… but tonight. I’ll preface my comments with a quick anecdote about how I was hit by a 60 something air head who couldn’t even tell the cop where he lived. What kind of person is out here driving around without knowing their address? The kind of person who hits a car at a stoplight when said car is halfway into the lane. So that’s how my week started





Anyway so today I interviewed Lt. Colonel Kenny Brown who was very helpful discussing campus security and what’s going on with the whole violent crime scene. More troops he says, more visibility. Which I get, deter the enemy. I plan to write an article on a particular crime involving two UofL students & a few teenagers with a silenced pistol… more on that later.
Aprés that I…

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5 Places to Find Your “inner art student” on UofL’s Campus

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The University of Louisville resides in a city full of art and cultural appreciation. The campus itself offers several places to find your “inner art student,” even if you’re an Organic Chemistry major. If you are an art major, these places will keep your dream alive and offer inspiration to become more than just a starving artist.

1. The Hite Art Institue

The Hite Art Institute has 6 galleries full of rotating exhibits with art from students of the program, and of renowned artists all over the world. These galleries are open to the public for free, and offer great inspiration for any class. Outside of Art building, a beautiful fountain resides surrounded by greenery and benches for you to take a breather between classes.

2. The Playhouse

You probably walk by The Playhouse everyday and most likely never have noticed it. It is located on the traffic island between…

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Within the scope of Mars

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(Siding Spring)

The Siding Spring Comet, so named by the Siding Spring Observatory in Australia, was discovered by astronomer and searcher of comets, Robert H. McNaught. The Siding Spring Comet, also known as 2013 A1, is thought to have originated in the Oort Cloud, and will “swing” by Mars in month’s time on October 19, 2014.

The Oort cloud, not to be confused with the iCloud, is a spherical cloud in the distant reaches of the solar system, the outer boundaries. The Oort Cloud, in the spherical outskirts, has bearing by the Sun’s gravitation in the Milky Way.

At times, the Oort Cloud gives to the source of comets. The Oort Cloud Comet contains dust, rock, and a profusion of gases including ethane, methane, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ices, and water.

The Siding Spring Comet will pass on the Mars’ trajectory as near as 82,000 miles. This is one-third the length from…

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