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Animated Sitcom has a New Face



Let’s all take a second to talk about the animated sitcom that has quickly taken the spots of front-runners Family Guy and The Simpsons in our hearts and on our TV’s. Bob’s Burgers is in the early part of their 6th season and although there is a current lull in airtime, this show has the goods.   Bob’s Burgers centers around the Belcher family— your average, run of the mill, middle-lower class New Jerseyans.   The Belcher family runs a burger shop that resides on the first floor of their apartment, in-between a funeral parlor and a shop that always changes.

Every episode we grow closer to Bob, Linda, Louise, Gene and Tina (all of which are voiced by men except for Louise.) Whether we are witnessing the unfortunate luck of the restaurant or Tina taking control of her life, one day at a time, Bob’s Burgers is always enjoyable.  The best…

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3 Things Steampunk Needs More Of


Steampunk is a genre of speculative fiction that, even if you’ve never heard of it, you’ve probably seen before: Disney’s Atlantis, Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary GentlemenWild Wild West, and (arguably) anything Jules Verne are all fine examples in the mainstream. Steampunk takes 19th century society, technology and aesthetics as its starting point and imagines how things would’ve played out if, for example, Babbage’s difference engine had taken off, or if time travel were possible, or if women had been treated like actual people. Airships, energy rifles, and clockwork robots tend to figure prominently.

As much as I love the genre, there are a few things that bug me about it. These aren’t universal throughout Steampunk, but here are three things that are generally deficient throughout the genre:

1. Diversity


The majority of tales in this genre follow the adventures of White protagonists and are written by White people. Steampunk…

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5 Takeaway Moments from the New Hampshire Primary

Bethany's Blog


Bernie Sanders’ win in New Hampshire is a game-changer

Bernie Sanders, the candidate who once had no real chance against Hillary Clinton in the race for the democratic nomination, won last night.

New Hampshire was feeling the Bern!

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Not MORE Important, EQUALLY As Important

TOCKIN' About...

A lot of people are angry about the halftime show during SuperBowl 50. I’ve seen videos circulating through Facebook talking about how inappropriate it was and how race was being brought into something that didn’t need it. I even saw one that had the audacity to say that it sent the message that “Black lives are more important”.


No one is saying that black lives should matter more, they’re saying they should matter EQUALLY AS MUCH. The problem is that some people simply refuse to admit that the system is designed to keep black people in a state of oppression. This is known as systematic racism. Like it or not.


White privilege is real.  White privilege, whether you have had hardships or not, does exist. As a white person you have not had to deal with the specific hardships that come with racial…

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My Obsession with Carrie Underwood



I have always been a big Carrie Underwood fan. What’s not to love about this girl. She is drop dead gorgeous, has an amazing voice, country and is a genuine person. She was just a small town girl from Oklahoma at the age of 21 and went on America Idol. She stole Americas heart with her ditsy beautiful self and beyond powerful voice. She ended up winning America Idol in 2005. Right after she won she became huge with her first single Jesus Take The Wheel. Ever since then she has just blown up in the music world. I love country music so she has become one of my favorite singers. Just this week I finally got the chance to go see her in concert and was actually on the floor front row. I have never been so amazed by someone before. She is just so naturally beautiful and when…

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Finish the Semester Strong with Simple Tips


One-third of the semester is behind us with the last two-thirds staring us down. As we edge closer towards spring break and summer break motivation to finish the semester strong will quickly drop. Being overloaded with papers, projects, and tests students quickly lose sleep and forget to eat- or cannot afford to do so. Here are some ways to help prepare you to finish the semester strong:

1. Get Some Rest
We get it, you are too busy to sleep. Your body needs it. Find time each night, or day, to get in a few hours and give your body a chance to get the rest it needs before starting a new day.


2. Eat
Yeah, food is expensive. You have a meal plan as well as friends and family. I think you can find enough money to at least get a little bit of food in you each day…

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