The Critter Crew Visits Henry’s Ark

Laurel's Blog

On Tuesday, April 4th 2017, the Critter Crew of the University of Louisville embarked on an adventure to Henry’s Ark, a local hidden gem. Henry’s Ark is a privately owned zoo located about 10 miles from Louisville in Prospect, Kentucky. Because Henry’s Ark does not have a large social media presence, it was our group’s mission to find out what the tourist destination was all about.

Before departing, we decided to do some research on the property. Turns out, Henry’s Ark as we know it today was made possible by a man named Henry Wallace who lived from 1915-2006. Henry’s father, Tom Wallace, initially bought the 600-acre farm in 1911. Henry was a social activist as well as a lover of animals and he also had a lively passion for the preservation of land. It may come as no surprise then, that Henry’s Ark became exempt from commercial development…

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Track and Field Capstone

dpiekarczyk2's Blog

The University of Louisville’s athletic programs have thrived in recent years. With several national championships in multiple sports, an Olympic gold medal winner, and a Heisman trophy there is no shortage of success across the board.

This stand true when it comes to the University’s Track and Field team. With a national championship and several national qualifiers in just the past decade. In just the past few seasons there have been several standout athletes on the track team that include Emmonie Henderson who qualified for both the shot put and discus, Edwin Kibichy who qualified for the steeplechase, Ben Williams who qualified for the triple jump and Damar Robinson who qualified for the High Jump. All of these athletes earned All-American titles or better several times over. In just the past two seasons the Men’s and Women’s teams have shattered over thirty school records and recorded an astounding number in…

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Rock The Roof

Sarah Jane Jump

Philanthropy takes on many forms. In the modern world, college students are finding even more effective ways to raise money for charities, give people a good time, and overall help the common good. University of Louisville fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon has their own contribution in this ideal: Rock the Roof, a one-night local battle of the bands, dedicated to providing people with an evening of musical goodness and raising money for Big Brothers Big Sisters, an organization that supplies a common good for the community.

This year’s Rock the Roof is the event’s third time occurring, and it has only been getting bigger. Eric Elder, Sigma Phi member, UofL student and event is excited about the direction the event seems to be heading. The past couple years, when Rock the Roof was just fledgling, the event was held at The Tin Roof a small venue on Shelbyville Road. The modest…

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Derby-Pie® Foodies Final Project

Mountain Elements

What’s ooey, gooey, chocolatey, and nutty all in one? None other than Kentucky’s original Derby-Pie®! Race to get a piece today!

The Kentucky Derby is an internationally-renown horse race that takes place in Louisville. This year, the event will take place on May 6 for the 143rd running of the Derby. The Kentucky Derby features a number of festivities that take place that weekend. Among the famous event traditions surrounding the Derby is the Royal Court. The Court is a group of six women that are selected to preside over numerous Derby events. Celebrations and events are both a part of the Kentucky Derby tradition. Over the years, many different traditions have developed around the Kentucky Derby. One of the most famous of these is the Derby-Pie®. The Foodies visited Kern’s Kitchen, where the Derby delicacy is prepared, baked, and shipped all of the country.

Many people may not know…

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What’s all the talk about Steven?

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Since the beginning of our relationship, I have made many efforts in convincing my boyfriend to move from our urban hometown of Louisville, Ky to the mountains of southern Tennessee or Georgia. As I was sitting on the couch browsing through Netflix, he caught a glimpse advertising the release of new episodes of this show called Meateater.

“I want to move to Montana,” he said. I about broke my neck turning my head so quick to look at him. After all this time of him arguing for why we should stay in Louisville, he says something bizarre like that. What the hell is in Montana? Of course, the show Meateater and the host Steven Rinella had something to do with it.

He had found interest in this show, listening to the podcasts, and reading several of the books Mr. Rinella published. So what is all this talk about Steven?


I decided to watch…

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Carlton's Jumpshot


On the eve of Rock the Roof, I’ve realized that my invitations have exceeded 50 people. That being said, I hope and pray that we get about 300-400 people for our event, something that we have been focusing on for many weeks now and hoping that it turns out well.

For SigEp men, this is one of the most exciting days of the year. I can remember in years past that I have had so much fun at our event and we have raised a lot of money for our event, but that record can be broken and we can raise even more money.

I just wanted to make sure that before the event happens, I wanted to say how thankful I am for perspective. This year I joined IFC, and if you are not familiar with Greek life here at the University of Louisville, IFC stands for interfraternity council…

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Louisville Newspaper Causes Controversy

Bella Rebelde

screen shot 2017-04-10 at 25835 pm

One day after the video of a United Airlines passenger getting dragged off a plane surfaced, the Courier Journal chose to focus on the past of the victim. The article, written by Morgan Watkins, identified the man as David Dao, a 69 year old physician from Elizabethtown, KY.


Monday, a video of Dao went viral when he was forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight after the flight was overbooked. Now, the airline is facing a huge public relations crisis.

On Tuesday morning, one day after the incident, The Courier Journal reported on Dao’s “troubled past”. The article cited documents filed with the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure from last June which stated that Dao’s medical license was suspended in 2005 after being convicted of “drug-related offenses”. Allegedly, Dao illegally prescribed painkillers and wrote prescriptions to a patient in exchange for sex.

Now, the newspaper is facing harsh criticism online for…

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