Best Cruisin’ Route in Louisville

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Whether life gives you a situation where you need to take a drive and think, or its a sunny Sunday afternoon and you want to take a cruise with the windows down, the question always is where to go. Here is the best route you should take for a day on the road.

Taylorsville Lake

Driving to Taylorsville Lake is one of the most peaceful drives a person could make. The drive about 40 minutes without traffic from downtown Louisville. Along the drive, you will see many fields filled with cows with minimal traffic. Ky 155/Taylorsville Road is long without many cars, but watch your speed. Once you enter Taylorsville, there is a gorgeous view to your right followed by the small town itself. Take a right at Spencer County High School and follow that to the State Dock (on your right). After enjoying the views of the lake, you…

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Louisville City FC 2019 Season Preview

Noah Schneider, Senior Communications Major

Back to back USL Champions Louisville City FC will be back on the pitch soon. The 2019 season opener is slated for March 6th at WakeMed Soccer Park (NC) against North Carolina FC. Since the club was founded in 2015 Lou City has been one of the most dominant powerhouses in the USL (United Soccer League).

The 2018 season provided the perfect storm. Injuries, transitions, and adversity. For most of the season it would appear that LCFC wouldn’t have a fighting chance during post-season. However, the boys fought hard and ended up on top after defeating USL Western Conference Champions Phoenix Rising, and soccer legend Didier Drogba, 1-0.

Defender Sean Totsch knows firsthand what kind of challenges teams…

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This arts center thrives

Civil Rights exhibit visits Louisville

Attitude can control your health

We love this burger

It’s time to send R. Kelly to jail


R. Kelly has been in the industry since the 1980’s. He is a brilliant music artist with classics that play at Kindergarten graduations and funerals. He even made a on going musical visual that included 40 chapters. This man is Pipe piper of RnB. R.Kelly is influential in the industry, not only in the black community, but in society as a whole will start singing “I Believe I can Fly” if it started playing. He has many classics and is known as a genius when it comes to anything that has to do with music. Although, there is another side of R.Kelly that is behind the music. He is a sexual predator and a pedophile.

Image result for r kelly

Most people do not want to believe that their favorite singer is a predator. When it comes to the timeline R.Kelly being a predator, we can go back as far as 1995, when he married…

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A Name to Look Out For

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The late writer, James Baldwin, published the acclaimed If Beale Street Could Talk as his 5th novel. The novel is set in Harlem almost 5 decades ago. Yet, director Barry Jenkins was able to shed light on social issues, originally written by Baldwin, that haven’t been resolved today. 

Barry Jenkins should be a very familiar name. In 2016 Jenkins directed Moonlight, the movie that literally stole the Oscars’ 2017 Award Ceremony. For Best Picture, La La Land was originally called. But after the cast came to accept the award, it was revealed that the envelope was mixed up and Moonlight actually won. Three years later, Barry Jenkins created yet another piece of cinematic art with If Beale Street Could Talk. Jenkins continued his aesthetic of contrasting colors and crisp shots into the new year.

Jenkins directed 50 years of timelessness.

If Beale Street Could Talk painted a beautiful…

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A Heinous Act

Carolecia mobley

Twenty year old Savannah Walker was a Junior on the campus of the University of Louisville. She was making marvelous and courageous strides to change the community that she lived in.

Walker was murdered by gunfire on March 19,2017 inside the Tim Faulkner Art Gallery in the Portland neighborhood while accompanied with friends for a concert when shots were fired. When her friends went outside they then realized that she was not with them.

During the gunfire, six individuals were struck,” said Lt. Emily McKinley, with LMPD’s Homicide Unit.

No arrest have been made

Savannah was the captain of the Lacrosse Club and was later honored with a National Lacrosse Award due to the love she had for the sport.

Dean Walker, Savannah’s Father, states that it hurts everyday, you move forward but you don’t move on.

Savannah lost her mother 30 days before she was fatally shot to pancreatic…

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Who to Fly With This Year: Which Airlines are More Reliable?

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Before you book a flight, why not consider your options first? These days, there are more airlines to choose from than ever before, so being critical is a must.

Some factors to consider are: in flight amenities, leg room, price, and delays. Believe it or not, many delays are due to preventable circumstances that are the fault of the airline carrier as opposed to the airport itself or weather.

According to Money magazine, a sub-publication of Time, Hawaiian, Alaskan, and Delta airlines have the best track records for avoiding delays. They were the top three airlines in a list of 10 – the least three reliable being Allegiant, Frontier, and JetBlue airlines.

As far as how airlines rank when more factors are considered, the AQR, or Airline Quality Report has that information based on data that makes it a fairly reliable judge.

Their most recent list is on the front…

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