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Just get that tattoo already

Arry Schofield's Weekly Blog

Sometimes all you need is a sign to get over your fear of doing something. Consider this post your sign.

So many people have great tattoo ideas, and have been wanting one for years, but they don’t follow through. Questions about getting inked? I’ve got you covered.

“But it’s so permanent. What if I end up hating it?”

Of course it’s permanent, that’s why it’s important to think of something you love. The only people who regret their tattoos years later are the ones who got a barbed wire arm band when they were 16. If for some reason you chose something you love, and you decided to hate it five years later, you’re still not out of luck. Unless you got an entire sleeve, chances are you can cover it up with even more tattoos. Tired of tattoos in general? Lucky for you, tattoo removal is common, even though…

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Climb Nulu…..

Kimmie's Blog

I’ve found a new love in my life. Rock climbing.

One of my favorite places to go climbing in Louisville is at Climb Nulu. They have so many different challenges when it comes to pushing yourself. The walls have different degrees of difficulty, the start at V0 and go up from there. Since I’m newer to climbing, I stick to the V0s and won’t normally go past a V2 or a V3. I personally wouldn’t suggest going past these levels as a new comer, just because you might not know your body and don’t want to push yourself too much.

Climb Nulu

Climb Nulu has so many different levels and they even have a room that is geared more towards younger kids.

Their prices are $12 for a day pass with no shoe rentals or $15 for a day pass with rentals, they also have special nights like couples nights and ladies…

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By Artisans

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 4.06.39 PM

🌎🌱Handmade in Mexico

“Handmade huaraches inspired by the Mexican culture. A mixture of pride, strength, and elegance.”

Fashion designer Alejandra Lara will soon launch her shoe brand LAZAV. Lara is twenty-five-year old from Mexico. She graduated from the University Valle de Mexico where she pursued her career in Fashion Designing. LAZAV originated in Mexico in 2015.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 11.31.15 PM

Lara explains that the term huarache comes from the term “kwarachi” voice of the Purépecha. Traditionally, this type of footwear has been associated with life in the field. These huaraches are made of braided leather straps or jean like material, and the sole is made out of recycled tires.

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 11.44.50 PM

Each individual piece is handmade by amazing artisans. The awe-inspiring artisans apply their knowledge, experience, and love to each manufactured piece. This style of huaraches has been worn by the people of a small community in the state of Michoacan for decades. They are not just a…

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5 Ways To Get A High GPA

Starr's Blog

Hello, today I am stopping by to share my tips and tricks about achieving a high GPA. I was that freshman who thought college would be easy. My first semester was brutal. I received an 2.4 GPA my first semseter. I was on the verge of losing my both my scholarships. On top of that still trying to find myself and where I belong. Spring semester came around, I got my act together. I learned strategies that helped me retain information and achieve high exam scores. I am sharing my top 5 steps to achieve a high GPA.

  1. Read then actively read again. What I mean is that you should first read the chapter. Just skim through the pages assigned. Then after the lecture, when the teacher has broken down the material, read and actively take notes while you are reading. That was the best way I retained information.

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Why University Affiliated Living SUCKS!

Maria's Beauty Room

Over the last few years University Affiliated properties have become growingly popular, and the trendy place to live as you’re promised these amazing amenities and luxury apartments. PSA AFFILIATED PROPERTIES ARE A SCAM!

After working in the leasing offices of these affiliated properties for 3 years and living in them for 4 DO NOT SIGN A LEASE!

Not entirely convinced?

Below are 10 reasons to not sign a lease with an affiliated property.

  1. Management is rude.

All the employees are rude. Not just management. They don’t care what your issue is. They’re only there for discounted rent. Because why pay full price for crappy apartments.


If it’s not broken when you move in you’re lucky! Everything in these apartments are CHEAP! Things are constantly breaking, resulting in multiple maintenance requests….that never get fixed…and if they do, it takes a few months.

  1. There are feces EVERYWHERE!


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St. Joseph City, MI

amber’s blog

Unplanned day trips produce the sweetest memories. Especially when the destination is a midpoint between you & a great friend. Before October of this past fall I had never heard of St. Joseph City, but I fell in love immediately.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

St. Joseph City is located on the bottom left coast of the mitten of Michigan and about a 2 hour drive from Chicago. If you’re on a trip to Chicago and need a break from the city, this is an EXCELLENT day trip. As someone who isn’t a fan of beaches and is even more unfamiliar with the northern part of the midwest, I was more than pleasantly surprised.

It felt like the perfect Sunday stroll. In the morning we browsed a 1/2 mile-long yard sale, put on by (what seemed like) every resident of St. Joseph City. Then we walked along the beach, and out on the pier to…

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