Warmest October on Record?

Cody's Corner

It is safe to say that 2016 has been a warm one! In fact, three months this year already have made it into the record books. March 2016 was the 8th warmest March on record since records began in Louisville in the 1870s.  This August was the 9th hottest August on record and September was the 6th hottest on record. By the look of things, October 2016 could fall into the top 3 warmest Octobers on record for the Ohio Valley. The forecast over the next week and into Halloween will feature above average temps and mostly dry conditions. We’ll break the week’s forecast down below.


Today a high pressure system way to the north and a low pressure system off to the west is putting the Ohio Valley in a great spot for some gorgeous fall weather over the next couple days. This morning started out chilly with…

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The Divine Feminine Tour

Colin Beach

“The Divine Feminine” an album by Mac Miller is an eclectic rendition of love turned into an album. Throughout the album various ideas of love are brought to your attention ultimately aiming to tear down a wall that society has built in recent years about what love is supposed to be rather than what it really is. When Mac Miller talks about The Divine Feminine he considers the universe, the distance between persons, and deciphering love on an deeper level. There’s a very real connection to these ideas of space. It’s about contact and togetherness, closing the gap between people; about being in unison and growing apart, and all the stages in between.

Mac Miller known for being a drug induced lyricist with hard hitting rap songs contrasted with a smooth accompaniment of subconscious thoughts about the universe,  his fourth album The Divine Feminine was a pleasant surprise. His uplifting beats…

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Why Waka Thinks I’m Crazy


**Disclaimer: please don’t judge my iPhone quality pictures; it was raining and I couldn’t keep my phone still**

I make fun of girls who scream when they get excited. Therefore, it is with great hypocrisy and displeasure that I tell you that I was one of those girls on the night of October 20th. That was the night Waka Flocka Flame, the rapper best known for his “No Hands” single, came to the University of Louisville for our annual homecoming concert.

I’m not a fan of concerts. I don’t like big crowds, I don’t like being pushed, and I don’t like sweaty guys trying to dance with me. But Flame’s music is good (his two songs that I know). And I had kinda promised my editor that I’d review the concert. (To read the actual review, check this out)

img_0256 Lighters out for Waka

So I went and enjoyed the music and put up with the…

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My Favorite Music Videos of The Year

Lilly Edwards

When putting together a list of your favorite music videos of the year, it is hard to not just list every music video from Beyoncé’s Lemonade. However, I tried my hardest not to do that and I put together this list of my five favorites from the year so far (in no particular order.)

  1. “Formation” – Beyoncé | Coming out early in the year, “Formation” set the bar high for the year in music videos. It is a perfectly crafted political and artistic message that brought the world’s attention to Bey’s iconic visual album.1160753
  2. Side to Side” – Ariana Grande ft. Nicki Minaj | In this highly saturated exercise fantasy, two of the biggest names in popular music feed off of each others chemistry like best friends. The costuming and set design set the song off perfectly.01-ariana-grande-nicki-minaj-side-to-side-vid-2016-billboard-1548
  3. Shout Out to My Ex” – Little Mix | In…

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Birthday Behavior ✌🏾

For the Love of Everything.

IMG_3510.JPGLast Thursday, October 20th was my 23rd birthday. It was an eventful birthday and birthday weekend. I received a lot of birthday wishes, love, shots, and more love from family and friends.

Let’s start with Wednesday night. I spent the end of Wednesday putting props together for step show, and did not get home until 1 a.m., which was my birthday at that time. Usually, I start turning up (drinking) about 10 p.m. and bring in my birthday the right way! But step show was near, so I had to assist so I could turn up on my birthday night.

Well, I went over my boyfriend’s house, and his roommate and girlfriend was in the front room  ready to help me turn up to celebrate my birthday. Buttttt, after 5 shots I was done for, and ended up going to the room and falling asleep. Womp! Womp!

img_3532 Pink Flowers from…

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My Fall 2016 TV Guide

alexa x digital journalism

Fall is good for many reasons. Changing leaves, flannel, pumpkin patches, warm drinks, and all of your shows starting back up. New shows and new seasons start right after school is back in session. Episodes to look forward to every week create the perfect time to relax and take a break from homework.

I look forward to certain days of every week just for the shows that air those nights. Here is a list of the shows I’ve been making sure to be home for this semester.


Jane the Virgin – The CW 9 PM


This is one of the most unique sitcoms on TV right now. Gina Rodriguez (Jane) won an Emmy after Jane‘s debut season, which proved her skill and place as the heart of the show. However, the entire cast is talented and their chemistry—whether as mother and daughter, lovers, romantic competition, family, and so on—is wonderful. It’s a…

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What is Going on With the NFL?


Image result for touchdown celebrations antonio brown


This season NFL television ratings have been the lowest in recent years. There are only about two good games on per week. There are only a few very good teams while all the others are complete trash. Thursday Night Football is pretty much horrible every week. Finally players are almost fined every week for “inappropriate” touch down celebrations.

I will continue to watch the NFL even though it is lacking this year. It’s a good way to spend your Sunday if you don’t have much to do or you might just have a love for the sport. If you spend a majority of your Sunday watching the NFL, you probably saw the penalty from last week with Washington Redskins Tight End, Vernon Davis. Davis was penalized for hitting a jump shot with the football after a touchdown.

Image result for touchdown celebrations


It was an absolute joke and there was no need for…

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