The Invisible War is Mind-Blowing

Kristen Harbsmeier

This week, I watched the Netflix documentary titled “The Invisible War.” It really touched me, and I feel like I should share my thoughts with you, my few followers.

Kirby Dick’s The Invisible War is an 2012 investigative documentary about one of the country’s most shameful secrets– sexual assault in the United States army. The film crew takes us into in-depth interviews with veterans of all branches of the military, most but not all of them being women.


The veterans share their stories how they were sexually assaulted while serving. The men and women discuss the secrets behind what we know as the United States military. The survivors discuss the eye opening experiences they were forced into and how they felt they were trapped with absolutely no way out, because in many cases, the rapists were the military police, or because the person to report to was the rapist.


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An unexpected turn

Life of Zsa Zsa

Life is full of twists and turns.  You never know what lies ahead or around the next curve.  I recently received the news of a death in the family and made arrangements to travel home.  The drive to East Tennessee was cathartic as I recalled many wonderful memories.


Nearing the end of my drive, I decided to escape the pace of the interstate and opted to detour the last leg of the trip on the back roads.  I knew it would be quicker to take the expressway, but the beauty of the day called me aside.  It was a good call.  There’s nothing sweeter than a country road and the long way home.


I was transported from the hustle and bustle to the majesty and beauty of Mother Nature. It happened within a few moments.  I was struck with the beauty and solitude of the Great Smoky Mountains that surrounded…

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Turkeys building a wall and Syria doesn’t have to pay for it

Jackson Ransdell

For months now the phrase build a wall has rightfully brought groans and disdain from the majority of those keyed into the US presidential race. That’s why i was surprised to hear that a wall is being built, just not on the US-Mexican border. Rather Turkey aims to construct a 560 mile long wall along its border with Syria.

This project aims to be completed by February but portions of it have been under construction since 2014 according to TOKI (The Housing Development Administration of Turkey). Calls from Turkey’s NATO allies have long requested them to seal off portions of its border from Islamic state held areas of Syria.

It’s said that this move isn’t meant to curtail Turkey’s open border policy for Syrian refugees, of which some 3 million have sought asylum in recent years. Rather this is almost solely reported as a plan to combat the movements of…

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Thanks for Your Support


Today marked the annual Thank a Donor Day at the University of Louisville. The event is “a celebration of the donors who support this University”

These donations contribute to the Endowed Chairs and Professorships, scholarships, research grants and trials, research facilities, student groups, athletic facilities and teams.


“Thank a donor day is sponsored by Donor Relations. The goal is to get students, faculty and staff out to thank our donors for their private denotations to the university,” said Amanda James.

Student and faculty members made signs and signed a cardboard wall to show their appreciation for the donors. They had also shot footage for a video that they plan to send out come thanksgivings time.


After students wrote heartfelt thank you signs and signed the wall of gratitude they were offered a free meal. The members of the Donor Relations organization had a line of grills were they handed out…

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Still Upset Over the 2020 Plan that Never Happened

Sara Robinson

When I joined Kappa Alpha Theta at the University of Louisville, I honestly didn’t mind that we didn’t have a house or a suite like the other Greek organizations. Zeta Tau Alpha had been established on campus a few years earlier and already had a meeting location. Granted, it wasn’t anywhere near Greek row, but at least it was a place to get together in between classes. When I joined I thought we’d have a meeting location within the year, or at least 2. I got especially excited when I heard rumors about Uofl tearing down the old dorms right next to Greek row and expanding for the organizations that didn’t have houses or suites. As you can see, that never happened.


University of Louisville Suites

Instead of expanding Greek row and providing houses for many Greek organizations, Uofl decided to build an apartment complex (because the 6 that we…

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What your favorite ice cream says about your personality:

Katie Kestly

Rocky Road Ice Cream Lovers- Adventurous

If you love exploring new places, and are always down for a road trip your favorite flavor of ice cream is probably rocky road. No matter where you travel to its always an adventure.


Mint Chocolate-Chip Ice Cream Lovers – Cool, Calm and Collected

If your favorite flavor of ice cream is mint chocolate-chip you’re cool, calm and collected. You are a very neat and organized person; you have everything in order, and know how to handle any situation.


Vanilla Ice Cream Lovers- Average

Vanilla lovers.. If your favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla, you’re pretty much average. Your favorite drink from Starbucks is probably a pumpkin spice latte..


Coffee Ice Cream Lovers- Dramatic

If you’re energetic, lively, and dramatic your favorite…

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2016 1st Presidential Debate


Personally I believe that the 2016 election is a troll in itself. The fact that someone with no political experience has a chance of becoming our president is insane. Despite my beliefs about the two candidates, I believe that voting is every US citizens civic duty. It is a responsibility that should be excercised whenever there is an election.

Today on September 26th, was the first presidential debate. Now Im not the most politically intelligent person, but OMG America is in for rollercoaster ride in the years to come.  Hillary and Trump both acted like kids during the debate. Both were arguing over each other and went over their given time. One thing I disliked about both of them is that they focused on trying to tear the other down and not building up their own platform. Besides that, I believe Hillary killed this debate. She was very confident and…

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