Hi-five doughnuts

Chelsea Wright

Throughout the semester, Merkel’s Foodies have been able to explore various locally owned restaurants throughout Louisville and talk to owners and employees about why their restaurant was the best in town. This week we went to Hi-Five doughnuts, a funky locally owned doughnut shop located at 1101 E. Main near the Butchertown area of Louisville. Owners Annie Harlow and Leslie Wilson have coined themselves as the “Ladies of The Morning” and began their journey in 2013 with just a tent, two tables, and a dream. They have since been named the top Food Trucks of the South by Southern Living and been featured on the Food Network. They offer many fun events around events throughout the city such as “Doughnut Sliggin'”, “National Doughnut Day” and “Chocolate Takeover”. The details of these events can be found on their Facebook page.

Their most popular event is held every year at the local music festival, Forecastle. They…

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JK McKnight: Autocomplete Interview

Sarah's Site

Born in Charleston, South Carolina, JK McKnight is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. He went to college in Louisville, but after some time he decided to jump head first into the music industry. He did so by founding Forestcastle Festival located in Louisville, KY in 2002.  It started as a small gathering with a few friends to a large festival with over 65,000 attendants, and still continues to grow! Forecastle is compromised of music, art, and activism. Not only are there big artists included in their diverse line up, but Forecastle gives opportunities to local artists to showcase their music. In our interview with JK he put a large emphasis on the activism aspect of the festival. Past Forecastles have featured prominent organizations, industry leaders, and distinguished speakers. Some of them include, Robert F. Kennedy on behalf of the RiverKeepers, Rob Caughlan with the Surfrider Foundation, and Christopher Childs with Greenpeace…

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NuLu? How about No-Lu?

Alexis' Blog

The pinnacle of culture in the city of Louisville must reside on East Market St. mustn’t it? The bars, the restaurants, the coffee shops. The boutiques and antique stores must represent all society needs! What? That’s not enough? Never fret! You can also climb artificial rock walls alongside your peers. That isn’t enough of a way to convince your date that you’re the strongest white male in her Intro to Accounting class? Try heaving an axe over at Flying Axes (include the link to their website as a hyperlink). This is Nulu—a place where you can be yourself! Whether its scarfing down a super-spicy fried chicken sandwich with your pals, or devouring a large vegan pizza by yourself, you can show your true colors in the comfort of a space where you belong. You’ll not only feel welcome; you’ll feel as if it’s been your home all along.

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Yes, Like The Batman Villain

Being the last individually-written blog post of the semester, the author of this blog would like to tone it down a bit from their normal vitriol and constant complaining.

Perhaps, and just perhaps, the world could do with a little happiness.

It’s difficult to be happy, the author reassures. The world often conspires against the best of people for no reason at all.

Nevertheless, we persist.

Sometimes, we can just enjoy the moment.

You get off of a long day and step outside to falling leaves & your favorite song. Maybe the saxophone solo kicks in. Maybe its an 808, but an out-of-tune piano. Maybe you listen to Paleolithic Death Techno. That’s chill. You’re happy.

You drive home, pull up to the garage and your dog greets you at the door. Maybe you don’t have a dog. Maybe you have a cat who barely acknowledges your existence, and when you…

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Movie Theater Snacks Are Cool


The best part about going to see a movie at the movie theater? The Snacks Obviously. You know, you spend a fortune on them and finish them before the opening credits are even over. But, watching the movie would never be the same if you skipped them. So, with that being said, what are the top five most popular movie theater snacks?

  1. Popcorn

The freshly popped popcorn and buttery smell when you first walk into the theater…nostalgic. Want to know what makes this popcorn so different from your at home microwave popcorn? Movie theaters use butter-flavored oil, which has a lower water content than butter so it makes popcorn less soggy. Real clarified butter has the same effect. To make it, melt 2 sticks butter in a glass measuring cup in the microwave. Let sit for a few minutes; the butter will separate into 3 layers. Mhmm, Just breath it…

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Latest Videos are In!

Name that Song

The Electric Slide


Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dish

Welcome to the Highlands

The Best Thing I’ve Ever Eaten

Kaitlyn Arel's Comm 321 Blog

My friends are not foodies. They are straight up food snobs. Two of them have been to three Michelin-starred restaurants. (Michelin-starred restaurants are not conveniently located or cheap.) If we don’t go to Jack Fry’s at least five times a year, that means our friendship is falling apart. Earlier this year, we raised the stakes and tried 610 Magnolia.

The only thing you need to know about 610 Magnolia is that it’s one of the fanciest restaurants in Louisville. One of my friends says that it could be Louisville’s first Michelin star recipient. It’s a big deal for food snobs like us.


If you’ve ever seen shows like Chef’s Table, you know how fine dining works: tasting menus, wine pairings, small portions, high prices. 610 Magnolia has the same system.

We had two options for every course. I honestly don’t remember what any of the courses were. I just know…

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