Shelby Street Has It All


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In an effort to show our appreciation for small businesses, we decided to take a mini tour of the Shelby Street area, which sits just a block over from Shelby Park in Germantown. We visited four businesses that have had success in the months since they opened their doors; Crybaby General Store, The Breeze, Toasty’s Tavern, and Aurora Gallery.

This area has great walkability from business to business, including those that we did not get a chance to explore. Each store that we visited had a welcoming atmosphere and were all within a five minute walk of each other. Providing everything from home goods to hair cuts, from bar food to fine dining, from espresso to alcohol – this small area has just about anything you might be looking for in a night out. 

Cry Baby General Store

First, we stopped into Cry Baby General Store, a newer business that…

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Capstone Project


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When talking about strength and conditioning, you can go about it in many different ways. Because there are many different sports in the world, training those athletes can be somewhat challenging. However, most strength and conditioning coaches will have a wide area of expertise.

These coaches know how to get the best out of their athletes because they are normally around the athletes all the time or played the sport when they were younger. It is also on the athlete to be the one that puts in the hard work as well because they still have to put in the time and the effort. With that most athletes that are playing their sport at a high level will make sure that they use that time effectively.

When looking at some of the best strength and conditioning exercises things that most coaches use are compound movements like squats and the bench…

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Whose Caffeine Reigns Supreme?


Digital Journalism

New to the Louisville area? Just need a new coffee hangout? Follow us as we travel to two of the most well-known coffee shops that aren’t Starbucks or Dunkin’!

Sunergos Coffee

Our first stop was Sunergos Coffee, located four minutes off of the UofL campus on South Preston Street. If you don’t mind street parking, this cute little corner coffee shop is just the spot to study or catch up on homework. When we first walked in, our gazes were immediately drawn to the custom artwork hanging on the walls as well as the strong smell of freshly brewed coffee. The seating area was filled with different and unique tables and chairs with many plants scattered around. The atmosphere was very quaint and comfy-cozy with a hint of vintage beauty of only lamps and string lights. It was calm with many customers already seated and working.

We ordered an iced…

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Derby Fashion


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The month of April embarks Louisville, Kentucky’s best time of year – that’s right, it’s Derby Season, folks!

One thing about Derby that sets it apart from any other annual event is its fashion. Though the horses come and go, one thing stays the same – bright colors, bold patterns, and big hats.

This year’s Derby is May 6, so you still have plenty of time to snag that perfect Derby outfit, hat and all.

Whether you are an avid Derby attendee, or if this is your first rodeo, here are some tips to takeaway regarding Derby Fashion.

#1 Don’t be scared to wear bold colors.

Derby fashion is meant to catch the eye. According to Jordan, the owner of the NuLu popup boutique Impromptu, the colors to look out for at the track this year are orange, pink, and lavender. 

#2 Bring a poncho and dress in layers.


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3 Actors That Are Musicians Too

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There are several familiar faces on our TV screens these days, and sometimes you might recognize these faces from an unlikely source! Many actors fill their roles while also creating musical masterpieces when they’re not in front of the camera.

You may not have realized it, but these folks are booked and busy between their live shows and their television shows!

Dylan Minnette

This star has been acting since he was just a kid, and most recently performed alongside Amanda Seyfried in the award-winning show ‘The Dropout’ which tells the story of Theranos and its scheming founder, Elizabeth Holmes.

Minnette is also the lead singer and guitarist in popular indie-rock group Wallows, which was started by the actor and his longtime friends Braeden Lemasters and Cole Preston, the band first performing together in 2011. They have since released two full-length albums and two EPs, earning themselves a number of gold…

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Why you need to wear sunscreen

Maddie's World

As summer approaches, and the UV Index rises, we need to remember why sunscreen is so important. Often times, people think the only thing it prevents is getting a nice tan, but there are other reasons why sunscreen is beneficial. Not wearing it will catch up to you later in life.

Protect from Sunburn and Sun Poisoning

This one is pretty obvious. It is also the most advertised use of sunscreen. No one likes being sunburnt. It is painful and can feel like your skin is on fire. Even if you are not prone to sunburn, you should still wear sunscreen for the other reasons below. In severe cases, you can get sun poisoning, which can cause blisters, headaches, nausea, fever, and dehydration. All of which can be avoided by wearing sunscreen and being cautious of how much time you are spending in the sun.

Decrease Risk of Skin Cancer

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Is Having a Degree Crucial Right Now?


Decades ago, the notion that having a college degree was the only way to reach success was formed. It became something ingrained in the minds of Americans. Finding a successful career and high-paying job was seen to only be achievable with a degree, but in todays society that is no longer true.

Debt can set you back!

The reality of it is, that college just isn’t for everyone and doesn’t guarantee you success. For starters college is very expensive. Most middle and lower class students must take out a loan to even attend college. A study done at Harvard shows that 42% of college students between 18-29 have loan debt. Just think about all the things you could do with your money if you didn’t need to pay off that debt. You could invest it, You could put it towards a career, you could put it towards your family, etc.

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HVL – Where Will She Go Next?

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The recent announcement of star player Hailey Van Lith’s departure from the Louisville Women’s Basketball program has left many fans shocked and confused, unsure of the player’s reasoning for parting ways with the program she’s been loyal to throughout her college career.

While it is currently unknown where Van Lith will be transferring to, several fans have been theorizing – many of these theories influenced by the Cards’ recent action in the NCAA Tournament, which came to an end following their loss to Iowa in the Elite Eight.

The theories about HVL’s new team have come from every direction, although the vast majority of them point to the same outcome. Considering the fact that Van Lith has played among the USA basketball team, which consistently features the biggest names in college hoops – including Iowa’s Caitlin Clark, who stunned the Cardinals with her record-breaking 41 points in their recent matchup…

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Finals Study Tips

On my gosh its almost the end of the semester. Are you nervous? Do you get stressed whenever you even think about studying? Here are some tips to help you get through the end of the semester.

1.) Take a deep breath

That may seem like its not a big deal, but with all of the stress of day to day life and just the stress of being a college student, sometimes the simplest things could be forgotten.

2.) Set a timer for breaks

A good way to also not get too overwhelmed is to set timers for yourself. By doing this you can give yourself a set amount of time to fully devote your energy to getting done what you need to get done.

3.) Eat a snack

Get your favorite snack and eat it on one of your breaks or if it would help you to study eat…

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5 Mental Health Statistics You Should Know


1. It is physically dangerous

Mental illness and substance use disorders are involved in 1 out of every 8 emergency room visits by a US adult, which is an estimated 12 million visits. Mood disorders are the most common causes of hospitalization for all people in the U.S. under age 45, aside from hospital visits related to child birth. Mental health affects your physical health in so many ways.

2. Mental illness is expensive

Depression and anxiety disorders cost the global economy $1 trillion in lost productivity each year. Across the U.S. economy, serious mental illness causes $193.2 billion in lost earnings each year. Globally, $2.5 trillion a year is spent directly and indirectly on mental illness. We will spend $6 trillion by 2030 worldwide, which is more than heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. For the stigmatizers and skeptics, does this issue matter to you now?

3. It is uncomfortably common

1 in 15 U.S adults experienced…

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