5 Best Dog Spots for Broke College Kids in Louisville

Source: 5 Best Dog Spots for Broke College Kids in Louisville

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Between Rolling Stone critics and new listeners alike, “Timeless,” is certainly his best known quality for nearly half a century. Local Louisivillian Gretchen Henry was born again – from a Derby city native to a domesticated hippie, she claims Bob Dylan was her tie to Americana during her five-week stay along the Kenyan coast.

No stranger – what an understatement – it’s Bob Dylan, and we’re talking about music. With over sixty albums since 1962, Dylan’s influence has touched more than Hall of Fame’s, Top 40’s, Billboards and Grammy awards. I hope I’m in the right to say that his fan base is a community intertwined with the counterculture from which Dylan stemmed from (if not created) himself.
With the help of her friends, Rebecca Kessler, and also Louisville native calligraphy studio owner, Jen Groves (groovy baby), these three showcased Henry’s personal revelation through a series of local Bob Dylan…

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The Farmer’s Market

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This past Thursday, May 28, the Belknap Campus Farmer’s Market opened for the season.  We talked to some of the organizers and vendors, then took a look around to see for ourselves the variety of produce available.

The Farmer’s Market is brought to you by the Sustainability Council, whose mission is to promote green and sustainable practices and culture at the University of Louisville.

First, we talked to Mitchell Payne, Senior Associate Vice President for Business Affairs at the University of Louisville. Payne is responsible for the introduction of this event so he was very enthusiastic about the this years Farmer’s Market.

Payne’s words are reflective of a larger trend toward sustainability and locally-sourced food.  Payne’s main goal is to push “farmers food” to the forefront, because it’s better for the environment. His reasoning for this is the fact that most of our store bought food is transported thousands of…

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Chris Morgan and FCA

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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes reaches all ages with programs for youth, junior high, high school, college, and professional athletes as well as the couches that support those students. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes or FCA was founded in 1954 and continues to grow. FCA has a program that is dedicated to the students and athletes of the University of Louisville. The meetings at University of Louisville are hosted by Chris Morgan on Monday nights at 8pm in the PNC Club at Papa Johns Stadium.

Chris Morgan is the inspirational Chaplin that began the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in 2007. He was inspired to hold this position because of a man he had meet when he himself played football and needed a person to talk to. Chris found his place here at the University of Louisville after serving eight years with FCA in middle and high schools of Southern Indiana…

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A few Things About My Self

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  • Where do I start ,school, ,family music.I think I’m going to start with my family family is the most important thing to me out of all of those choices family is the reason I’m here I can’t make it nowhere without my family and we go threw things it will be okay in the long run because I still have a family and what family don’t go to things that’s crazy everyone it’s not perfect and no one where else would be perfect ,goals in the future are to make it to the NFL of course but my main goal is to be a radio host and talking to people I kno I can reach my goal it’s in arms length I can see it .
  • secondly we’re going to start with music I love music, music express the way that I feel most of the time of the day…

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Is social media taking the fun out of everything?

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So recently I attended a concert a fun concert by the way. It was for an artists who went by the name of Toro y Moi. The concert was a lot of fun great music, great atmosphere and everything, however I couldn’t help but notice just this one thing. Half the people that were at the concert didn’t really seem like they’re watching it yeah they were singing the verses and everything but they spent most of their time on their phones instagramming snapchatting where they’re at etc.


Is it safe to say our generation  is more concerned about what others know they are doing than actually doing these things for themselves? Our lust for likes is almost odd in a way. Everything has to have a like or comment attached to it. Whether were at a baby shower or we go to Walmart. We need others to know where…

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Flea Chronicles Pt. 3

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This morning has been exceptionally special. And by special, I mean particularly asinine.
It wasn’t until I had been in the screened in room, exposed to the elements for longer than I felt necessary, that I was struck by a bubble of hysteria–deep inside.
It came out of nowhere.

There I was, dozing in my chair, enjoying the pitiful twitters from the flying creatures…when it happened. All the sudden, the flying creatures dive-bombed the frail and delicate film separating me from the outdoors. There were at least a thousand. All chirping and carrying on incessantly.

I tried to escape inside, but I realized I had been locked…out. Mom number 5 had…forgotten about me.
Forgotten…and then closed the door….and left.

I knew no one was in the shelter because they didn’t immediately come when I demanded. I was utterly alone. Unless you include the hoard of flying animals, then I was incredibly out numbered.

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