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Soho’s Coolest Spots to Shop


New York City can be a haven and a horror for fashion enthusiast’s. Between the countless stores to choose from and the different areas of the city these stores are nestled in, it can be overwhelming; it’s also possible you’ll miss some of the hidden gems because of this expansiveness. This is going to break down some of the coolest shops in NYC’s Soho that you can’t miss.

This first place is actually a pop-up shop and will only be there until the end of 2019. Madhappy is tucked away on 25 Howard St., the last street before Soho limits end. When you walk into their temporary store you’ll notice its colorfully minimalist design along with their pastel and vintage inspired garments. Here is where you can find some of the best, if not the best, sweats and t-shirts in fashion right now.

Mad or Happy?

Pop over four shops…

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The Only Pants You’ll Ever Need


If you’re tired of having too many pairs of pants or just bad pants, look no further. This one pair of pants is so versatile–and affordable–that you’ll never need or want another pair again.

A workwear staple for more than 50 years, Dickies 874’s are now an essential in streetwear and fashion wardrobes globally. And these pants weren’t adopted by the fashion world just for their price tag.

Coffee not included

874’s have countless features that make them the perfect pant, but let’s start with the cut. They are a straight cut with a slight taper, allowing you to explore different proportions with your outfits. The skinny trend has finally fizzled out and this is the perfect way to get off that trend.

Even with a stiffer material these pants eventually move with your body after time. Proportions are an important aspect of dressing well and 874’s offer a new…

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How to cook sensibly in college

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The Best Autumnal Beers


If you follow this blog I’m sure you can sense a theme (I love fall). This week I’m going to go over some of the best beers for the Fall season.

When it starts getting cooler out and you’re crazy a cold, frothy beverage, don’t reach light beer. Instead, go for a nice märzen, brown ale, stout, or cider. These drinks all fare much better during the fall season, and for a reason.


These types of drinks tend to be a bit heavier and have a little more oomph to them; exactly what you would want on a chilly day. They also are on the sweeter side, without being overly sweet, so they satisfy that seasonal sweet-tooth that comes around this time of year.

It would be wrong to make this list and not have any Oktoberfest beer on it, so that is why Ayinger’s Oktoberfest Märzen is the…

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Start or Sit: Week 3

Weston Payne

Welcome back to Fantasy Football Outlook.With week two of the NFL season coming to a close this Monday night, there are several questions around the league. Can these breakout fantasy stars maintain their production? How will a recent injury hurt or benefit players on my current roster? Below are three interesting scenarios to keep an eye on for week three:Welcome back to Fantasy Football Outlook.

Image result for mark andrews ravens

Can the Ravens sustain?

Lamar Jackson has proved all the doubters wrong and lead the Ravens as one of the top offenses in the NFL this season. The trio of Jackson, Mark Andrews and Marquise Brown are averaging 32.2, 25, and 23.7 points respectively. They will face off against the Kansas City Chiefs in week three. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs have been just as effective, if not more than the Ravens. Look into starting players from either team, but avoid the defenses for this…

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Cooking with Me: Blueberry Cinnamon Bake

Bougie & Budgeting

I was scrolling on Instagram this weekend and minding my own business when one of those cooking demonstrations caught my eye… and what happened next was simply magical.

Blueberry Cinnamon Bake: Instructions

Begin by preheating your oven to 375 degrees so that it can be fully heated by the time that all ingredients are prepped and combined. Next, open up your two cans of Pillsbury cinnamon rolls. Begin by taking each individual cinnamon roll and cutting it into nine smaller pieces (right). I cut some rolls into less pieces just to give some bigger bites of cinnamon roll. For now, save the containers of icing for after the dessert has been baked (just as you would if you were normally baking Pillsbury cinnamon rolls).

Next, slowly add pieces fo the cut-up cinnamon rolls into the pan. I added a few patches of blueberries into the pan so that there were…

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