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Flashback to the year 2009 and the accompanying memories. Cruising in the back of the minivan pre-driving days, while the family heads through the McDonald’s drive-thru to grab all the kids their favorite value meal item. Then comes the weekend. You gear up for a long weekend of hanging out with friends at the mall, binge watching the latest teen drama, and sleeping in until noon. Monday rolls around and back to the school grind you go. At your wit’s end, you bluff off to your parents that you are never going to college for how could you possibly handle college while basically “failing” high school?

No job. No bills. No responsibilities. No real stress. These were the days of the “still not a kid, but still not an adult” season of life. The time in life where the parents still did everything for you and you had the dreadful…

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5 Ways To Get The Job

Lawhorn Digital Journalism 2018

Today I went to a panel with my boss and we talked to students about interviewing and how to prepare for the first job that you will have. I have not graduated yet and I think that I was able to learn a lot about what my future employers might be expecting. Here are 5 take aways that I think everyone should keep in mind to land that new job you have an interview for.

1. Be on time


No one likes someone who is late, and no one wants to work with someone who is not going to take the effort to be on time. You should be early to any interview, 20 – 30 minutes is best. This will give you time to think about what questions to ask and to prepare your mind.

2. Dress well

Image result for dress to impress

If someone comes to a nice event dressed in last weeks…

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5 Reasons Why Hayley Kiyoko is “Lesbian Jesus”

Rachael's Digital Communication Blog

  1. She changed the narrative of what it means to be a queer woman.

Kiyoko uses gender specific pronouns in her songs, owning her sexuality. According to Rolling Stone, her breakout song “Girls Like Girls”, was meant to rebel against the narrative of suffering and heartbreak she grew up seeing. In the very limited queer mainstream media, Kiyoko was taught that being gay was a disheartening experience full of unrequited love. In response to this, Kiyoko wrote “Girls Like Girls.” The support she garnered from the song cemented the idea that there is a necessity for music focused around what it means to be queer.


2. She directs all of her music videos.

Many of the women who have starred in Kiyoko’s videos claim it’s an intense, yet rewarding experience. In “The Road To Expectations: A Hayley Kiyoko Retrospective”, actresses from previous videos mention her passion, eye for detail and involvement…

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5 Great Albums of 2018 (so far)

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As September marches on, the temperature is bound to start getting colder and colder. Some places may have already begun to experience snow, and with school being in session all around the country, it may be appropriate to finally announce: summer is coming to an end. It’s been a crazy one this year, and with only a few months left in the year, it’s a good time to look back at some of the musical masterpieces that have graced our ears throughout the year.

1. Drake – Scorpion


At this point it’s almost blasphemous to talk about today’s music without mentioning Drake. The streaming titan has remained near the top of the charts for years now, and the release of Scorpion showed the world that he isn’t thinking about leaving the industry he’s dominated for so long anytime soon. With tracks such as God’s Plan, Nonstop, and In My Feelings, 

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I miss Lamar Jackson

Luke Millers Blog!

What a terrible football game I watched Saturday.

Louisville is off to the races in football this year with a 2-1 record. I’m still not sure why Louisville opened up the season against the #1 team in the nation Alabama. However, the last few weeks I was optimistic we would get our season going in the right direction.

We have an obvious problem at QB. This much is for sure. But who do we lay our confidence? theirs the more experienced Jawon Pass or the redshirt freshman Malik Cunningham. Personally I like Malik and the big play ability he brings to the field. Obviously Coach Petrino wants Jawon to succeed and play well but that hasn’t been the case the last two games. The speed and raw talent Cunningham possesses reminds you of our last Quarterback at Louisville. I’m defiantly not comparing the two just yet because Lamar was truly…

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Why Star Wars Needs To Take the Marvel Approach

Justin's Thoughts

In the year 2012 George Lucas sold Lucasfilm and all their rights to Disney for a whopping $4.05 billion. At the time, people could not believe why Disney would spend so much on a property that was quickly approaching 40 years of age and hadn’t made a movie in 7 years. Fast forward three years and Disney released their first Star Wars film: Star Wars Episode 7: The Force Awakens. The movie shattered box office records and turned in a massive $2.066 billion. The tide turned and people began to question why Lucas had sold the rights for such a small number. From 2016-2017 two more Star Wars films were released and totaled $2.377 billion. Everything seemed to be going well for the franchise until the 2017 movie, Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi, was received negatively by many fans. The 2018 movie that followed underachieved at the box…

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Football Fiasco


The University of Louisville athletic program has gone through multiple trials and tribulations over the past few years. This being said, the fans are absolutely begging for something to go right. The football team this season is already traveling on a bumpy road, starting their season with a tough loss to Alabama, and then barely scraping by Indiana State and Western Kentucky University.

Pictured: (Left to right) Jawon Pass, Lamar Jackson, Malik Cunningham

The cardinals football team seems to be going through quite a quarterback controversy after star quarterback Lamar Jackson was selected by the Baltimore Ravens in the last NFL draft. Both Jawon “Puma” Pass and Malik Cunningham have been playing the role of quarterback in the last few games to see who is the best fit. On  September 17, head coach Bobby Petrino announced that Cunningham would be the new starting quarterback for the cards, and the fans…

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