Student Film

Julia's Judgments

This semester for our Digital Journalism class we were tasked with making videos about certain topics. We were part of the group called “What to Watch” so we discussed entertainment topics such as “Halloween Movies” and “People’s Opinion about the Ending of Friends”. This class gave us the opportunity to develop skills such as interviewing people and editing the footage together so it tells an interesting story. For our last topic we chose to discuss student film.

As someone who has been involved in student film for over a year I can say that I have so much respect for anyone who takes up the challenge to being involved in this process. It is a very long and difficult process, but if you push yourself you have the opportunity to create something amazing. Not to mention that while the process is difficult it can also be incredibly fun. If…

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Fútbol in Da Ville

Life On A Mission

A month after the United States National team didn’t qualify for the World Cup. Soccer fans around the states were mourning this horrible news for the sport here in the states. The sport in U.S. isn’t that popular and some may say it’s even dying. Fans of the sport want to see a revival here. Soccer isn’t a major sport here but around the world its the most well known. Many are wondering what’s next here in the U.S. after not making it to the the World Cup. Fans all around are looking for hope. Some may say that hope is found in the city of Louisville, Kentucky where something big is brewing and has been for 3 seasons now.

Louisville City FC is Kentucky’s only fully professional soccer club. It has quickly established a reputation both for winning on the field and solid fan support off the field. Louisville…

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A Little Piece of Thai Land in Jeffersonville Indiana


After adventuring to many local restaurants in the Louisville area the food girls decided to take their final trip across the bridge to Jeffersonville Indiana. After trying diner style burgers, an Italian feast that made one group member feel right at home, and a pizza place that took the size of one slice to a whole other level we stumbled across authentic Thai food. Located at 1411 East 10th Street in Jeffersonville Indiana, Mai’s Thai was the ultimate Thai experience.

Mai’s Thai was created and is still run today by Mai Kungkran-Myers herself. Mai grew up in Bangkok Thailand where she learned her traditional Thai cooking from her father. When Mai became a young adult, she met her husband who was an American soldier at the time and followed him back to the United States. Louisville shortly became her new home. When she first arrived, she struggled keeping jobs…

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UofL’s LGBT Center Celebrates a Decade of Inclusion!

According to Aspen

The University of Louisville’s very own LGBT Center is celebrating ten years of success on campus. There has been a great deal of growth and change that has occurred in the last decade because of the center’s work with the LGBT community.

Many thoughts come to mind when thinking of the center’s prominence in the university community. Students use words such as family, acceptance, and hope to describe their experiences here.

But where did the LGBT center get its start?

The center started as a repurposed closet in 2007 and has since been relocated to The Intersection in the Red Barn where it still resides. It was created as a branch of the Office of Diversity and International Affairs in response to a series of homophobic propaganda that occurred on campus in 2004.

Since its humble start, the LGBT Center has contributed to the growth and success of the university…

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All About Health and Fitness at UofL

Rose's Rundown

Being a student is hard and stressful. Many struggle between finding time for work, studying, and their own health. Luckily, at the University of Louisville, they provide a number of services that allow students the ability to juggle all of these things while maintaining a broke college students budget (if there is one).
The Health Promotion Center works to help all students succeed academically, as well as, in their personal lives. Their mission is “Collaborating to building a campus community that promotes vitality, resilience, health and academic excellence. “ They promote healthy lifestyles and host a number of services and programs to ensure a healthy campus environment. They also collaborate with other centers on campus to help enhance the health of students and so they can provide a wide variety of health services. Some of these services include free HIV testing, sexual health services which include free condoms, eating awareness…

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Special Day

Lia's Blog

I remember the day my Pawpaw said “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and of course I wouldgive some bizarre answer like “An astronaut!” and his response was “I know you can do it”

And from that point of my Pawpaw always took me to science museums (the coolest ones) and put me in STEM camps and every gift revolved around science and astronomy and such. And to this day I still have some of that stuff and I keep it with me because of how special it was to me then..

But as time went on my response to that question turned into “I just want to graduate…” which is the absolute truth. I just want to graduate.


But we can say this is a celebratory post because today I can say that come May of 2018 I will graduate with a bachelors degree.

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How to Tone your Body!

Taylor's Blog.

Diet and exercise

You all have probably heard of toning, whether through casual conversation, at the gym, in health/fitness websites, etc. Who wouldn’t want to have a toned body? I can’t see too many people turning that down! In order to start the toning process you have to strengthen/develop your muscles and lose the unnecessary body fat that is covering those muscles. Depending on how toned you are trying to get will determine how much effort and time you will spend getting your desired results. According to there are a few things you should do to help you get toned:

  • Reduces those calories!
    • In order to tone you have to lower your body fat percentage. How do you lower your body fat percentage? By cutting your calorie intake.
    • When you burn more calories than your body is consuming it causes you body to go through a process called a calorie deficit.
    • When…

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