Driver-Friendly Foods


“As it turns out, cereal isn’t the best driving food,” said Hillary.

Hillary is a part-time nurse, a full-time wife and mother-of-twins, and has another baby on the way. Between traveling to work and running home- and child-related errands, she and her husband John spend a lot of time in their cars. Trying to eat healthy while constantly being on the go means they must plan their meals accordingly. “It used to be that I would end up snacking on whatever snacks my kids left behind in their car seats,” said John.

John and Hillary are constantly on the hunt for healthy, portable snacks. After a lengthy trial and error period they compiled a list of the top five best foods to eat behind the wheel. “A two-pound turkey leg, while delicious, is not as practical as one might think,” said John. “Even with napkins and diaper wipes easily accessible.”

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Inside the Mind of a Novelist

Jacob's Blog

Benjamin Percy is an American novelist, essayist, comics writer, screenwriter, and short story writer. I am currently reading The Dead Lands in my English 599 course this semester. This is one of three novels he has published and it imagines an apocalyptic, flu-filled world during the Lewis and Clark expedition.

ben percy

My class was given the chance to hold an in class skype interview with Ben. We were allowed to discuss questions on his creative process, inspirations, interests, personal writing history, and the novel we are reading at this time.

I was interested in how he approaches writing a novel and how he found his own craft to writing such a lengthy project. He gave insight about his creation zone, which seemed to be his closet that was attached to his office. He usually does two years of research for his projects of this size.

Around his office are newspaper articles…

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Apple Music vs. Spotify


Which streaming service do you prefer?

So many streaming platforms out in the market to choose from, but Apple Music and Spotify are the biggest and most successful of them all. Both, Apple Music and Spotify have its own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing between Apple Music and Spotify, it’s essential to know the pros and cons of each service.


Both music libraries have millions on songs in their virtual catalogs, but Apple Music outwins Spotify with more than 40 million songs to choose from. Mike Lawthorne, states “I prefer Apple Music because all of the songs that I can choose from.” The music catalog is not only the reason why more people choose Apple Music it’s also due to the easy use of those with an iPhone, “I use Apple music because of its compatibility with my iPhone” (Cody Skaggs). The catalog and the ease of use for iPhone users…

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Austin, TX

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“Keep Austin Weird”

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If you’re from the Kentuckiana region this may sound familiar to you, but try to fight the urge to get caught up in the “Hey, that’s our slogan!” argument. Both Louisville and Austin are really freaking weird and if you like the former, you’re going to LOVE the latter.

To Texans, Austin is known as the “hipster” city. It’s a little more exciting than the plains of the panhandle and is a little more politically aware than the majority of the rest of the state (sorry Texas). Centralized by the University of Texas (hook ’em), Austin is full of local restaurants, colorful murals, and people who dgaf what you think of their style.


“UGH. I just love Austin so much. It’s the most amazing.” -Mary Margaret Hayes, UTA student

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South Congress Ave, Austin’s pride and joy, begins at the beautiful state Capitol building and extends in a…

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Graduate Tips

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As the month of May quickly approaches so does graduation season. Whether it took you four years, a little more or a little less, the time and hard work has finally paid off. While graduating college is exciting, it also brings along the anxiousness and uncertainty of adulthood.

To ease some expectant graduates, here is a realistic list of things you should keep in mind post-graduation that might make life a little easier.


Chances are you financial situation is about to change drastically. Your parents aren’t helping you out as much. You might have loans to take care of. You now have to budget your income. It’s a lot to think about out. Start paying your loans ASAP. Create a good budget plan. Start putting money towards your retirement. The earlier the better for these things!

Learn to cook

Seriously. You cannot survive off of instant noodles anymore. Your…

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Living in Kentucky


You may be shocked to find out that most of Kentucky’s residents have all their teeth, believe in shoes, and do not marry their sisters.


“I was honestly surprised” said John. John was born in Pennsylvania and briefly lived in Florida before his parents moved him and his brothers to Louisville, Ky. “I was a teenager and believed all the stereotypes. I was reluctant to move. Then, Kentucky turned out to be pretty great and became my home.”

Kentucky is better known to residents as the home of fast horses, all the bourbon your liver can handle, and, once a year, Louisville delights pyros around the world with a firework show.

Related image

Oh…and you cannot forget about the hot brown. “Ok. You have to get passed the tragic name choice,” said Michael, John’s little brother. “Unlike Cards Against Humanity’s bullcrap gag, no one is trying to trick you. It’s delicious.” The…

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Summer Studying Abroad


As the school year is beginning to wrap up with only a few weeks left in the semester, summer is just around the corner. What are some of your summer plans this year? Work? Relax? Travel? Why not study abroad?

Lots of students take part in some study abroad program. The most popular study abroad programs are usually semester long courses. Although these semester long courses are most popular, not all can afford to stay abroad for an entire semester. That’s where summer study abroad sessions come into play!

Summer study abroad sessions are typically cheaper than semester long programs, and they allow you to take necessary courses for your academic career while also granting you the experience of traveling. It’s kind of like a vacation and summer classes rolled into one!

Need a gen ed knocked out over the summer? Study abroad. Want to learn a new language? Study…

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