Campus Housing Confusion


This semester a group of 3 individuals came together with one goal in mind… Troubleshooting. They dedicated themselves to making life a little bit easier for Uofl students and answering hard-hitting questions lingering around campus.

For their final project they wanted to take on something huge; an issue plaguing all students. The conclusion?


What a nightmare, right? Where can I live? What style is the best? On campus? Off Campus? Private Landlord? Roommates? If so, how many? If your head is spinning, don’t worry. You aren’t alone.

Every spring, thousands of UofL students grapple with the decision about where to live in the Fall. If you aren’t one of the lucky ones whose parents live within commuting distance, questions about the best place to live or which type of housing is best for you swirl around like a tornado in your mind.

There are several housing options available to…

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Doing Derby!


As a Louisvillian, mid-April is a time to look forward to. With the coming of spring, the Kentucky Derby Festival comes to full swing. And being a local student makes it all the easier to enjoy the onslaught of dawn to dusk fun.

It may surprise some at how many locals have never attended the Derby itself, as well as the multitude of popular events. Many people don’t actually know about the storm of occasions that lead up to the Derby or what exactly they entail. But as Louisville biggest and brightest of festivals, it’s just as entertaining as the actual race and by far more engaging. The Kentucky Derby Festival will host over 70 events this year from April 14th to May 6th that meet a number of needs. So as school ends and the summer begins take a moment to check out the schedule.

A few of the…

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Summer Style For Less!

Ashley's Blog

As we slowly but surely enter into warmer days, one can’t help but start thinking about summer and all of the trends we will be seeing. Being college students can sometimes make this difficult because a lot of the high trend clothing comes with a large price tag. After doing some research, a few of us college students were able to come together and find great styles for significantly less money! This season has been all about the details! Whether it’s tassels, vivid colors, classic staples, or bold prints, it’s clear that designers have been paying close attention to detail in their clothing.

Tassels have been huge this season! This is a detail that’s incorporated into a lot of bohemian style clothing, and we’ve seen that trend transfer over into many different pieces. A prime example of this trend is this pair of Elina Linardaki lace up sandals. Celebrities and…

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The University of Louisville Softball Season Report


The game of softball began in 1887 by a group of young men listening to a Yale Harvard football. A boxing glove was used as the first ball, and the game has evolved from there. The NCAA began sponsoring the sport in 1910 and now has over 600 schools from division I to division III fielding teams. This game was developed just for women only. It has since become the equivalent of baseball. The Women’s College World Series began in 1982 and has only grown since.

The University of Louisville softball program has not been around long, but it has been highly successful in its short time. In their inaugural 2001 season the Cardinals exceeded everyone’s expectations. They finished the year with a 25-17 record. Since their beginning they have kept a tradition of winning. The Cardinals have turned in 12 straight winning seasons. As a program they have finished…

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Derby City Delights


Louisville is known for many things, including its outrageous food scene. The Derby City has anything from huge names in the restaurant business to tiny independent businesses. Besides just regular restaurants, Louisville is also home to many different places known for their desserts, from donuts to ice cream to gourmet popsicles to baked goods of all origins. We, at Cards Eye View, visited two different popular dessert places in Louisville to find out a bit more about each one, including what they offer and what makes them so popular!

The first location we visited was Steel City Pops, a gourmet popsicle shop located on the popular Bardstown Road in the Highlands. Steel City Pops was founded in Birmingham, Alabama, and has opened several other locations since then in Alabama, Texas, and recently right here in Louisville! Steel City Pops is open from noon to nine, and what they offer is-you…

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The Scary Truth About Animal Agriculture

Bethany's Blog

One of the many problems that comes up when discussing the state of our earth is global warming.  In fact, if Earth heats up just 3 degrees, we will see detrimental effects on animals and plants all over our world. We are projected to reach this in the next 30 years. So how do we stop that?

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5 App Store Games You Should Definitely Be Playing Instead of Studying for Finals Week


Yes, we’ve all been there. We’d rather be doing anything other than studying.   I’m sure many of us have had conversations like this in our heads: Four finals next week? That can wait until I clean my room, solve this Rubix Cube, and binge watch all 19 seasons of South Park. OR, we can use our wasteful time wisely by playing these 5 games that can be found in the Apple App Store.

1.  Cow Evolution (or it’s different variants)


If you’re into the mindless game play, then this is definitely the game for you. It’s simple. Move cows around and breed them with each other to create some sort of mutant cow. Then repetitively breed mutant cows and you’ll end up with some super mutant cow. After a while of breeding the super mutant cows you’ll be able to unlock the cow universe. The goal of this game…

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