Internships: Oh the Agony.

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Look at you! You’re finally at that stage in your educational career to start adding experience to your resume. I mean if you don’t intern somewhere then you will have no real world experience. This is gonna be fun and exciting right?


They make internships seem so awesome in movies and on TV, but none of those actors have looked for an internship for themselves. Trying to find an internship is hard enough, but then you need to have a great resume and cover letter and interview. Just when you think you’re in the clear because you finally landed an internship, you find out you’re not getting paid.

what the last man on earth

All of your engineering friends are finding these kick ass co-ops that pay incredibly well and you’re considering changing your major. Then you remember that you loathe math. But seriously, when is the internship fairy going to bless me…

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Otep vs. Terror Universal: Sexual Social Media Scandal

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Otep Otep Shamaya

Drama has hit the Metal music world. Otep Shamaya, the front woman of Otep, has made a claim that the front man of their opening act Terror Universal “grabbed her crotch” and “tried to force his fingers through her pants”. An unlikely person has come to Terror Universal’s defense, Jenny Armstrong, the wife of front man Chad Armstrong AKA Rott. In her post on the bands Facebook page she claims that her husband “tapped” Otep on the leg. She even drags her own experience of sexual assault out into the open for all to see. This drama has caused Otep to drop from the upcoming Civil Unrest tour because Terror Universal was signed on. As of now both bands will not be participating in the tour. The organizers for The Civil Unrest tour has made their own statement in a Facebook post as well claiming Otep to be a liar and accusing…

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What just happened?

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This past week was spring break here at the university. Basically that means everyone will be out of town except you. So, the obvious thing for me to do was to invite up my mother and my grandmother. Living with them for three days was hard enough. In my tiny attic apartment? Near impossible. But, we made due and actually had  pretty great time.

However, Thursday turned out to be insane. First, I guess I should explain where I live. My apartment is in the attic of an old house on third street in Old Louisville, like everyone else’s that goes to UofL. But, the house next to mine is the historic Ferguson Mansion. It houses the Filson Historical Society. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of this organization, but they’re weird. So much money goes in and out of that place that it could make someone dizzy…

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Thoughts That Keep A College Senior Up At Night

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I can’t believe I’m graduating in a month. It’s so surreal.

Except what if I don’t graduate?

I still have to pass this Capstone and we all know how horrible it’s going to be, it’s taking me forever to get done!

What if I fail my Capstone?!

I’ve already prepared myself to graduate I can’t go another semester!

I already bought my cap and gown!

I’ve already told the whole family I’m graduating!

I could not endure having to explain to everyone that I can’t graduate yet…

Stop it. You are going graduate.

You’re going to go out into the real world.

You’re going to have a big kid job.

You’re going to do big kid stuff like get married, buy a house, have children…

I can’t afford all that!

I am so broke how am I possibly going to afford to live in the real world?

Life is too…

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Louisville Cardinals Looking to Make Major Push to Final Four

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The Louisville Cardinals mens basketball team is headed to their 4th consecutive Sweet 16. It is an exciting time around all of college basketball especially in Louisville, KY. After the departure of Chris Jones, many thought the team didn’t have it in them to win a couple of games in the tournament. Players stepping up such as Quentin Snider and Wayne Blackshear have helped the Cardinals become a stronger team overall. The Cardinals have made it past the first weekend after victories over 13 seeded UC Irvine and 5 seed Northern Iowa. Both games were very competitive and Louisville continues to look better and better. Their next matchup will be against NC State who is coming off a major upset win over number one seeded Villanova. The East region is wide open and it is anyones ball game in order to make it to the final four. More analysts are starting…

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Vibes, challenges, and creative overloads; what makes gaming good?

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Beyond the developer and audience criticism that I have hashed out here there is something so fundamental about gaming that it deserves being looked at. No, not the ever tiresome and ridiculous console wars or worse, console vs. pc

pc vs console If I were to do such an article, the utter rage of the interwebs would swallow me in a black hole, so stay tuned to see if I survive.

Mechanics, graphics, storyline, gameplay, yes those are the building blocks of what produce great and memorable games, but what makes us play them? How do we gamers suddenly find ourselves planted in the same spot hours on end, look at the clock, and not even care because oh my god this game is awesome?

1008_chunky_stan Answer; hundreds of Doritos, Mountain Dew, and some questionably colored liquids in mason jars off screen. Next question, good sir?

Regardless of the competitions and higher levels…

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