A Voyage of a Lifetime

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Upon entering into the college world, there are many events, programs, and lectures advising students to study or intern abroad. There are so many programs offering the same general experience: learn a new language, immerse in a different culture and develop a greater world perspective. The experience sets you above your peers when entering into the job market.

There are so many agencies and programs out there, going through each program can be difficult. Maybe you have a few countries in mind that you want to go but cannot ultimately decide. What if I told you, instead of one you could go to TWELVE? Why choose right?

There is a program out there that sits above the rest. Or maybe I am biased, but all of my friends who have studied abroad all have the same response… “You did that?”

Actually, my friends, I did.

I am from the south, and…

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To See the World

Carlton's Jumpshot

As a millennial, and a college student, and someone who loves the idea of seeing as much of the world as humanly possible, I love the idea of traveling.

This isn’t exactly newsworthy, I would venture to guess that at least half of the undergrad population at Louisville wants to travel at least a little bit.

Last year, I did it. Just a bit. Nowhere too far, or wide, but a couple places that were at least a plane ride away.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 9.46.55 PM.png

I saw Miami, Myrtle Beach, Panama City, New York, Chicago, Indianapolis, Columbus, and Gatlinburg.

Like I said, none of these places were too far, but I loved visiting them all the same. I climbed the smokies, went to so many (mostly Jon Bellion) concerts, saw Wicked on Broadway (wow what an experience), and gained a greater appreciation for the country that I live in.

Out of all of those…

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Spring Has Sprung

Ali Hoge

It’s official spring is here! In Louisville that means three things 1) Derby is near 2) Plants are blooming 3) Allergy season . So after you purchase a fresh bottle of Claritin, how should you ring in the season?

Hike and bike, what’s not to like:


While the sun is shining (but before the heat and humidity drive you indoors) grab your friend, dog, or book and go chill with Mother Nature. Louisville is full of outdoor public areas including a number of dog friendly options. Find a park and get your daily exercise in while enjoying Kentucky’s flora blooming back to life. Looking for something more adventurous? Take a day trip to Red River Gorge and go rock climbing.

Out with the old, in with the new:


I have a hard time enjoying cleaning, but refreshing your space for the new season can be reinvigorating. Go through your belongings…

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Tidy up for Spring ’17

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We all want to make this year something different. Even though resolutions have been long gone by now, there are still ways to make a better you this year. It all starts with your home/room.

For those of us who live in a college dorm, apartment, or still in your old 13ft by 13ft square bedroom at your parents, there is only so much that you can revamp on the college budget. It is hard to change your old bedroom suit or repaint the old vibrant orange wall color from your teenage years.

Better Homes and Garden Magazine and HGTV captures the most beautiful unrealistic living spaces for the average joe. But one thing each room has in common that we all can achieve: minimalism!

Tidy Dorm Room     Tidy Dorm Room 2


In other words, we can all use a day to declutter. Declutter our living space, declutter our busy schedules, declutter…

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10 Ways to Know You Grew Up in a Small Town

Mountain Elements

Miranda Lambert – Famous In A Small Town

Miranda Lambert sings, “Everybody dies famous in a small town.” Being home this week for spring break reminded me of some things that make my small hometown charming in its own special way. Here’s my “10 Ways to Know You Grew Up in a Small Town”!I-come-from-a-small-town.jpg

  1. If it’s not at Walmart, you don’t need it… and sometimes you go just for the fun of it (and you know you’ll run into at least three people you know when you go). A trip to Wally World always makes the day special.
  2. Friday night sporting events are mandatory, even if you don’t like sports. Everyone in town will be in the stands at football games in the fall and basketball games in the winter. Go, team!
  3. When the festival comes to town, it’s everyone’s favorite time of year. In my hometown of Pikeville, KY, we…

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My Spring Break?

Life in the Ville

Well, I ended up going somewhere for Spring Break. Where, you might ask? Not the popular answer of Ft. Lauderdale or Daytona Beach but instead Myrtle Beach! Although it was unusually cold (I knew it was bad when there was a sign at the hotel check-in desk of what to do on cold & rainy days), I had one of the best vacations yet.


Here’s what I visited and what I ate that made it so great:

  1. Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium


This attraction featured tons of odd artifacts, videos, and exhibits. The coolest thing here for me was a room that had different color lights moving all around the walls and had a bridge going through it. Somehow this illusion trips up the brain and makes you stumble and fall over as you cross the bridge. I felt helplessly uncoordinated, and was dying laughing the whole time.

  1. Broadway…

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Elektra… Continued

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I Really like super heroes, that is why I am going to rant for a bit about how bad the Elektra movie was in comparison to How the Creator of the Character attempted to get her Portrayed

In the movie, Elektra was not at all sexy or coldblooded. Instead, she came off very emotional and weak in some instances. This was one of the major differences and was one of the biggest reasons why there was such disappointment among the masses. She was not at all the representation to the character conveyed in the comics. Elektra was always seen in very scantily clad garments flowing and jumping around in the air like a half-naked killing machine. It was for this reason that Elektra became so popular in comics. She was a bad girl! Simply put, in the movie she was just not bad. Jennifer Garner’s Elektra kept reminding me of…

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