Babysitting Blog: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Days

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When spending time with children, there is a consistent mix-up of good and bad moments. People tend to go through a wide array of emotions throughout the day but adults are better at controlling them than kids are. This capability comes with experience, practice, and time. When children throw tantrums or overreact, your reaction sets the example for what they should do in a similar scenario. This being said, you can’t always get it right. Every day is a learning experience and a chance to grow.

Today proved to be one of those days where such learning experiences were provided generously. My seven year old niece, Kenzie, normally would have been in school from 8am-2:45pm but today she participated in a spelling bee. As soon as it was over, she came home. From the look on her face, I could tell things had not gone as well as she had…

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Limits, Stereotypes, and Mecahnics; Crossing the Gender Gap in Gaming

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Alright, let me be another martyr for the world about this touchy subject, except this time don’t try to bomb threat my building. Gaming’s had it rough over the past few years as its cultural relevance went on the rise. Sure, money was made, developers started making bigger and better projects with the advent of new technology, but damned if society didn’t start noticing those pesky tropes and stereotypes that, you know, degraded a certain part of civilization.

Woman Hint; they look an awful lot like this.

The cultural divide between men women representation in gaming has been rather staggering, especially considering that the split between gamers in the genders is near 50/50 (according to TEDx host Stirling Little anyway, but what does he know?)

TED The only ideas they’re spreading? Terrible un-lies by way of PowerPoint

Yet, it’s not only representation that’s skewed. YouTube Channel Extra Credits, a group known more…

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22 Thoughts You Have When You Go From an All Girls Catholic High School to a Co-Ed College

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  1. What am I possibly going to wear today? Where are the uniforms? Life was so simple in high school. Day one and I already want them back.
  2. Why are all these girls so dressed up? Are you wearing make up? How early did you get up?!
  3. Oh my gosh! Did a boy just walk by?
  4. And there goes another…
  5. Boys…Why are there so many boys??? They’re EVERYWHERE, it’s like the plague.
  6. When did he get in this classroom? Where was my warning that there were boys in the building?!
  7. I wonder how long I can stare at him before I get pregnant and die…
  8. Who is this teacher? She’s not a nun? I demand to know her credentials! Did the diocese approve her? Do they let just anyone teach at this place?!
  9. We’re just going to start class? Where’s the prayer? How am I supposed to know class is starting…

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Content With The Order of Things

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cover326x326All That Remains has dropped their 7th studio album the 24th of February. It may seem way too early to review the album but I have already listened to it more than 10 times just for this post. Let me start off by saying, I am very pleased with it. The album preceding this one, A War You Cannot Win, wasn’t the best they could have done. It felt like a generic, label pushed album. I couldn’t feel the essence of the band. I think they may have turned that around with this album. The Order of Things shows off the bands attitude. Phil Labonte’s vocals go from hardcore to melodic in a simple transition and he makes it work together. He is also backed by the bands bassist Jeanne Sagan on vocals. Their voices mesh together really well. I believe she makes a vocal appearance on each track…

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ACC Commissioner Calls UofL’s Athletics “Unmatched”

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I had the extreme pleasure of being at the most recent Conversations With Champions event hosted by the The University of Louisville. The Commissioner of the Atlantic Coast Conference, John Swofford was welcomed on Tuesday, Feb. 24.

Swofford has been Commissioner of the ACC for 18 years and is the longest tenured Commissioner in ACC  history. He has expanded the league from a nine to 15 member conference that now includes the University of Louisville.

An incredibly awesome student (me) made sure to ask him how he thought the addition of the University of Louisville has impacted the ACC’s goals of academic and athletic excellence.

His response:

“We think our conference, basketball-wise has been the best for a long period of time. I look at Louisville basketball as right in sync with where the league has always been and the football as right in sync with where the league is…

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Confession: Fryberger is over and I don’t know how to feel

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If you currently are or have been involved in Greek life at UofL, chances are you’ve participated in the Fryberger Greek Sing competition at least once.  I love Fryberger as much as the next sorority girl – heck, I went Greek just so I could participate in the competition.  Of course, I stayed for a million more reasons, but initially I just wanted to sing!  Last night, I participated in my third and final Fryberger competition and I could not be happier with the outcome.  Now, most people would assume if someone “could not be happier with the outcome” of a competition, they won first place – but we didn’t.  AOII didn’t even place (although many people believe we should have)….but we’re completely okay with that.  We’re okay with it because we came off the stage in tears of happiness, confident that we had just given our very best performance…

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I Need a Hero!

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Day 16 – I’m loosing track of how long I’ve been at the station. This blog helps but this semester is flying by. Today, was a busy one. Jesse was MC-ing the show because George was out for his birthday. Jesse was kept very busy because of the technical difficulties we were experiencing during the show. Traffic updates are vital to the morning show because many of our listeners depend on Bobby Ellis to tell them what’s going on with the roads. Unfortunately, the traffic wasn’t updating properly. It was out of everyone’s control but Jesse was receiving a ear full from listeners.

There’s so many aspects to a successful show for me to learn. There’s scheduled slots that you must plan for. The show is often live so you must have material to discuss that is interesting. We try to think of content, shows we watched or current events…

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