Adopt don’t Shop

Mountain Elements


I hopped in the car with my mom in December last year, expecting to be taken to lunch for my birthday. Instead, however, I was taken to the animal shelter. From there, she told me I could choose a cat I wanted as my own. I carefully opened each cage to decide which animal I would pick. Fitz immediately jumped into my arms, and I instantly knew he was the one. The rest was history! Pets make people’s lives more complete, and I know from experience that adopting an animal from a shelter is the way to go. So, here’s a few great reasons why to adopt, not shop!

Save a Life


Adopting an animal from a shelter can save a life. Owned cats and dogs live longer than strays. Millions of animals in shelters are euthanized each year due to insufficient funding, lack of space, and little interest. Fortunately…

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My cat, the dog

Catherine's Blog

I fully admit and am proud to be a cat mom. If you know me, you know about Henry, my rambunctious, snuggly, dog-like, orange tabby cat. He is the coolest and most handsome cat in the world but he acts so much like a dog, anyone who has met him is usually baffled as soon as they meet him.


When friends come over for the first time, they are always caught off guard when Henry greets them by hopping up, putting his front paws on their leg and asking for them to pet him by putting his head on their hand. Other friends who come over more frequently already know it’s going to happen and are ready for it when I open the door. Everyone who has met him is shocked that he’s not like most cats who hide from people and may act skittish. Not Henry, he really doesn’t…

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Stella’s Story

dpiekarczyk2's Blog


Stella’s story is similar to far too many dogs who are mistreated and abandoned. She is an 85 pound American Bulldog/Pitbull mix, who was found on the streets in Louisville as a stray. Stella saw a person walking their dog one day and followed them home, where that person gave her some food and water. Due to their other dogs, this person who found Stella would not be able to take care of her and was going to bring her to the pound. I just so happened to meet this person that very same day. After hearing about this dog that they called “MooMoo”, I told them I couldn’t let this dog go to the shelter, so I decided to foster her until I could find her a real Family.img_0742


When I brought Stella home, she immediately ran under a table and…

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A Book for Every Year of Your 20s

Bella Rebelde

Your 20s are some of the most exciting, stressful, scary, and adventurous years of your life. In order to help make it through these years, here are 10 books where the characters’ ages match your age. These characters share your struggles and will accompany you on this emotional roller coaster of a decade.

20. Edge of Never by J.A. Redmerski

This is a story about living in the moment, not being afraid to take a leap of faith, and being true to yourself. This was the first book to ever make me cry happy tears.

21. Monique and the Mango Rains by Kris Holloway

Kris Holloway shares her experience in the Peace Corps and how an unexpected friendship changed her life. There is a lot to learn from Monique on how to be a brave, strong, and independent woman.

22. Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler

Tess is just trying to make…

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Voodoo Economics EP Release

Sarah Jane Jump

A few weekends ago I attended Voodoo Economics EP release for their album Acting Funny. This Louisville local band consists of Shane O’Bryan (vocalist), Bailey Sommer (bassets), and John Torstrick (drummer). They are categorized as Indie/Alternative rock, but I would say they have a Punk Rock feel based upon the “rowdiness” of the crowd.


The show was at Zanzabar, on Preston, a place that has been around since 1938. Not only does this bar serve as a venue but also has food and arcade games. I have been to Z bar plenty of times before but as soon as I walked into the door the atmosphere seemed different than usual. I am used to Saturday night Z bar with local DJ’s such at Glitertiz preforming, or the tame Smithmas they have twice a year, this time it seemed to be filled with more angst.

As the drinks started pouring and…

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Three Types of Students: Which One Are You?

For the Love of Everything.

There are three type of students that surface campuses world wide, which is the floater, the procrastinator, and the high achiever. The floater, who is just trying to obtain a degree, whether that is with a 2.3 or a 3.0. They really do not care about school or what it has to offer. Then, there is the procrastinator, that starts course work later than they should. Finally, there is the high achiever that excels in the class and their work. They have a high grade point average, and go above and beyond for their course work and to study.

The Floater.

The floater is self-explanatory. They float around from class to class just to graduate. You won’t find them in class with a note book or sitting in the front. You’ll find them sitting in the back left corner on their phone or laptop…that’s if they show up for class. They…

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