Life of an Army ROTC Cadet

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The life of an army ROTC cadet requires perseverance, determination, and commitment. Cards Eye View was invited to follow several cadets to get a first-hand experience of their daily routine. The cadets traveled with Cards Eye View to Fort Knox, Kentucky, which is located approximately forty five minutes south of Louisville. Fort Knox is the headquarters of cadet command which is responsible for all cadets in the nation, including United States territories. During their time at the Fort Knox base, the cadets participated in an LDX, a leadership development exercise. During the LDX, the cadets practiced land navigation through heavily-wooded areas, flew in helicopters, and were dropped off into the woods to conduct STX lanes. STX lanes are squad training exercises in which the cadets are placed in real-life scenarios they may encounter during their time in the army.

On an average day, cadets follow a strict regimen designed to facilitate…

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Finding Your Forever Friend

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Founded in 1884, the Kentucky Humane Society is Kentucky’s oldest pet adoption agency and the largest non-kill animal shelter. Located in Louisville, Kentucky, the original purpose of KHS was helping rescue horses. In the passing years, they’ve expanded to helping a variety of different animals including cats and dogs.

The main branch location is 241 Steedly Dr., Louisville, Ky. However, they also run adoptions through several Feeders Supply stores all over Louisville. The main branch is home to many different types of furry friends; they range in age, size, and personalities. Before adoption, KHS ensures that the older animals have gone through behavioral training to ensure that they will smoothly adjust to their new environment.

“We take in animals that we are pretty confident can be adopted,” said KHS PR and Marketing Manager, Beth Haendiges. “We look for ones that are healthy or have the potential to be healthy enough…

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Louisville MegaCavern

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Founded by Ralph Rodgers in the 1930s, the 100 Acre Limestone Cavern now features all different kinds of “Mega” adventures, in seventeen miles worth of underground passageways underneath the city of Louisville. It was created by a gigantic limestone quarry created in the early 1930s and ran until the 1970s. However, after the Louisville Zoo moved in above, and after some mining laws had changed, blasting was no longer allowed in the quarry. It laid abandoned for about a ten years after that. In 1989, investors saw the quarry as an opportunity to develop into an “environmentally-conscious”, high security, commercial storage facility.

So since the 1990s, recycled building materials have been taken here and been reused to fill holes, create floors, build roads and storage space, and construct offices. Because of these advances, the MegaCavern is considered the biggest ‘building’ in Kentucky. It is obviously a unique kind of building…

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A Day at the Ballpark

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The University of Louisville athletic program is something to be extremely proud of. Louisville is the first school ever to win a BCS bowl game, appear in the men’s and women’s basketball Final Fours, and appear in the College World Series in the same school year, doing so in the 2012-2013 season. Even though this occurred during a stint in the American Athletic Conference, a time when the athletic department was reconfiguring and working towards joining the Atlantic Coast Conference, the teams and coaches worked hard to make sure that the standard of excellence and winning spirit still continued in every aspect. Even though the University of Louisville athletic department has been prone to change and progression throughout the years with advancement from the Big East Conference to the American Athletic Conference, the program has done surprisingly well to adapt to challenges. With the beginning of the spring semester, it…

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Fandomfest Review

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One of the most pleasant and unique things about comic conventions is how everyone reacts to one 10584019_10152638382921180_1595516975563652652_nanother. Walking into the vendor hall, I breathed a sigh of relief as I realized I was home amongst fellow con nerds and dorks. It’s like stepping out of one world and into another- a more peaceful, equal reality. There is an unspoken understanding amo10455046_10152635721131180_6359253445354208463_nngst cosplayers and other attendees that was acknowledged through casual gestures such as head nods, smiles, or requests for photo ops. If you’ve ever been totally enamored with a particular character from an anime, TV show, comic book, or feature film, you are likely to spot their doppelganger here. Or perhaps you’d rather be that character for a short period of time, a popular choice not only accepted but encouraged and supported by con crowds.

I haven’t been to many Comic Conventions or “cons” as they are called…

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And They’re Off, Air?

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April 14, 15, & 16 – My internship with the radio station has a new face since our station is changing some of it’s formatting. In the previous weeks the intern was involved in the conversation and our experiences were often used as material for the show. Since our format is adding more music and taking out more of the show, which consequently means less opportunities to speak on air. This made me realize two things, how much I miss being a part of the conversation and how I want it back. This change has helped me see that I enjoy having my voice heard on the wavelengths and it’s made clear that there’s more to my future in radio than I previously thought.

It’s now clear that I no longer just want to work behind the scenes but I also want to be the girl behind the mic. For…

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Battle of the Generations; Have games “dumbed down” their difficulty?

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In-game tutorials. Quest paths. The inevitable annoying fairy/helper that gives you detailed synopses of “how to beat Boss A.” Most modern games in one way or another have this format of, “hey gamer, this is the developer speaking, now wait until your dose of game knowledge has been successfully lodged down your throat.”

Game catalog Ah Super Nintendo; with double vitamins and half the choking hazards of Nintendo Classic.

I’ve discussed previously the act of smoothly putting in a tutorial sequence, but as always, the issue is more than just a statement of controls and storyline pressed upon the players in a game-stopping, immersion breaking way.

Again, I’m not saying all games have this stylization of bearing down on the player a slew of helpful hints that ultimately bog down initial gameplay; just that it’s the majority. Your Dark Souls, Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zeldas, Castlevanias…

Wait, aside…

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