Best and Worst Bathrooms on Campus


Stuck with boredom during class earlier I was scrolling through Buzzfeed articles and came across one where people told their worst diarrhea stories. Everyone has to use the restroom, whether it be ‘number one’ or ‘number two’. There is an entire list of names you could call these, although a friend of mine takes the cake when he sees “I have take the Browns to the Super Bowl”.

The University of Louisville has a restroom in each building. Not all of them are the best places to go, though. Some are used more often than others which create bigger crowds and less privacy. The lesser used ones tend to be cleaner as well. Here is a list of the best and worst places on the campus of UofL to use the restroom.


5. Residence Halls

These are the most convenient to those who live in the building, but you…

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